my songs and poems

these are songs and poems i write dont know if they r good or not so comment what u think BTW IM BAD WITH GRAMMAR


2. melody

V1 : I hear the melody you sing I feel a tingle in my spine you are all I think about I think its time I let it show days are going all the time people screaming children laughing time is coming time be gone


Chorus: This is a melody right here for you and me running circles telling me no one else cares the way I do now its time for you to know im just a simple girl singing songs making rhymes don’t need no paparazzi

This is the story of my life  people teasing everyone people holding out their guns adults laughing and bashing children crying and hiding  this is what the worlds become  god now bless our holy son now its time that we should run here it comes now watch out

V2:  people shooting at the cars, people time is running out its time that we all stop the pain that we are causing the laughter we are taking,  the  way we shoot at children, the way  that children are abused  the way that many were occused of being a slut cuz they were mistreated when they were little girls not their 16 and have 11 year old children

Is this how its meant to be is this the way to treat eachother  no


Noo oh oh the way we are is this what we are always gonna be oh oh god please tell me is this or should you kill the world for one more time  break a promise although not everyone are doing wrong the children deserve safety and freedom adults abusing them should all pay

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