my songs and poems

these are songs and poems i write dont know if they r good or not so comment what u think BTW IM BAD WITH GRAMMAR


8. just a little poem for everyone going through hard times

everyone has trials and tribulations

sometimes you have to fall to understand

shit happens and its not always good

life is just a realistic way to see no matter what happens

whether you fall or fly there is always something better around the corner

don't give up

I know sometimes it seems its the only way

but I'm here to tell you

no matter how hard life is

you can conquer it

we are all strong

we are all human

we make mistakes but we learn

never give up

because no matter what

people love you

and if they lose you

it is worst then the worst thing you can think of

if you need to talk

message me

I will listen and I will help as much as I can

kik: richangel






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