my songs and poems

these are songs and poems i write dont know if they r good or not so comment what u think BTW IM BAD WITH GRAMMAR


4. broke my heart

I thought u were my fairytale but that can be denied because you broke my heart in ten seconds flat and I feel like life is ending and I'm having trouble breathing because when you walked out that door you took my heart and threw it on the floor you left me with nothing but the memories of us I thought you were different from everyone but your exactly the same just a player and I'm a dreamer


Our hearts collide but your such a fool for leaving me with no explanation just our memories and with that its goodbye and its the end in someone's eyes but in my it's just the beginning
Don't leave me here lying on the floor causing myself misery drowning in my sorrow I'm not getting up to fight I'm not backing down I'm being as strong as I can while I'm broken on the floor
yer my misery is timeless but I'm just getting stronger I've been through it all the fights the lies the promises where did they go what happened to us first I was on top of the world not I'm drowning in the deepest waters filled with hurt and anger


 how could you treat me like I was stupid maybe dumb your no fun you put me down so you can be on top of the world running on the path of broken hearts until one day you stop and wake up you realise you've lost everything your friends and family you don't even care you use people to get what you want though listen its not that easy one day you will get tired of all the games but have everyone hating you at the moment your on top but soon you will be just like an illusion no one will remember you or your name it's the story of all the users and heart breakers who wanted to be on top but sooner or later they fall to the ground though I'm not giving up

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