Life Just Flows

Melissa is a 17 year old girl who was adopted into a pretty messed up family. She was abused and she had a relationship that went wrong. Her ex-boyfriend was Angel King. Melissa thought everything is just ruined and that she will have a screwed up life, but when she meets 5 new guys, everything changes.Enjoy!!! Thanks for reading!!


3. The Terrifying News

I just came back from work at Starbucks. Pretty good day so far! I am so tired though.... I turned on the TV and the news was on. Remember when I said it was a pretty good day? Yea it just got pretty crappy. The news lady said: "Breaking news for New York. A 18 year old male just murdered his own 4 year old sister. We do not know the motive, but the young man goes by the name Angel King." I turned it off... I couldn't hear this anymore!!! I drove to the crime scene as quickly as possible almost getting into an accident.. If you're wondering why I'm driving over there it's because my boyfriend Angel King murdered the sweetest little girl I've ever met. "Sorry ma'am but you aren't allowed inside crime scene." "I just wanna see my boyfriend!!" So. Fucking. Mad. Probably worst I wanna kill myself I wanna kill him!!! "Mel... I can explain..." "There's no fucking explanation Angel!!! You killed your own fucking sister!!! What the fuck is there to explain?!?!" "I was forced to!!! Stop being a bitch and listen!!!" "No you listen you asshole!!!! You are to rot in jail!!! Rot in hell!!! Go fuck yourself!!! If you were forced to jump off a bridge you're gonna do it?!?! You are always yelling at her for the dumbest shit and she comes to my arms with tears down her face!!! Fuck you and we are done. DONE!!!!" "I couldn't speak I was crying. So. Fucking. Hard. I'm done!!!! I just went home and packed all my stuff!!! I got my emergency money and headed to the bank. I was moving to London with nobody knowing. I'm on my own now. I need to get away from all this shit!!!!! I took Chrissy's necklace that she made for me. I was still crying. Upset. Tired. And it's all my fault!!!  In went to get a ticket tomorrow I was on my way to London and I have all the money I have. My brother lived there so I will live there for a bit. Right now I need to make things better.  Her funeral is tomorrow before I leave. Everything will change now and I'm hoping for the best.  Just have to let my life flow. I don't wanna be reminded of any of this at all! Pushing these dark  11 years back for a very long time. 

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