Life Just Flows

Melissa is a 17 year old girl who was adopted into a pretty messed up family. She was abused and she had a relationship that went wrong. Her ex-boyfriend was Angel King. Melissa thought everything is just ruined and that she will have a screwed up life, but when she meets 5 new guys, everything changes.Enjoy!!! Thanks for reading!!


5. The Interesting Flight

After an hour of waiting it was time to go. I grabbed all my stuff which wasn't a lot because I was going shopping. I was being slowed down by a bunch of screaming in my way. I have no time for this. "Excuse me!" Some girl turned around "Bitch!!" "That's too bad!! "I bumped into some guy. "Sorry but you guys should really get out of my way!!" "Well sorry for being famous!!" "Eh, and you are??" "Wow.." "I'm sorry for not being a fan??" I rolled my eyes. "Harry.. Harry Styles." Melissa Greene." "Heading to London?" "Yes actually and if you and whoever else is with you don't hurry ya gonna be late! So bye!" "You are right wait up!!" "No!!" "Please?" I just stood there waiting. Him and 4 other guys came out of the crowd.. "Let's run quickly!!!" Everyone was laughing until they looked at me. "Melissa Greene nice to meet you!" "She doesn't know who we are." "Liam Payne! Nice to meet you too!" "Zayn Malik!" "Niall Horan!!" "Louis The Tommo Tomlinson!!!!" "Nice names. It's pretty obvious you guys are in a band. Ummm let me see.." I looked at my phone. "Ahhh I see One Direction a young boy band pop sensation!!" "How did you know?" Louis asked. "I looked it up.." "Oh yes sorry." "Yep." We got into the plane and we all sat near each other. Harry sat next to me. He was about to say something but my phone rang. "Hello?" "Hey babe!" "What the fuck do you want?!?!" "How was my sister's funeral?" "Why would you care if you killed her." I started to cry. "Just asking so answer my question!!" I hung up and disconectted my phone. They all looked like me and I realised that I was crying. "Sorry my life is just not good." "What's wrong?" Harry asked. I didn't answer. Then Harry started singing "I wanna hold ya I wanna hold ya tight!!" I giggled then stopped. "You just made me giggle." "Yeah and?" "I haven't giggled or laughed in 13 years like I'm so serious." Everyone said 'Wow'.. "You can wow all you want.. My ex-boyfriend killed his own sister and that's the one who called me. She was 4 and it's so sad... I went to her funeral today. I had to kick the media out. I was adopted and my brother physically abused me my mother and father did` nothing and my other brother who lives in London couldn't do anything because when they get into fights the police end up coming and he was on probation. I had nobody I cut myself and cried. I wanted to die.. I felt alone.." I looked up too see them tearing up a bit. "That's why I'm moving in with my brother until I find a flat." Liam spoke up "That is sad if you ever need us come to us we live in this complex." "Wow. This is where my brother lives here!" They all had smirk on there faces. "Wait, what are you guys thinking?" "We are gonna party and you can live with us!!" "You guys need to stop saying the same thing at the same time!!" We all started laughing. 




The only ones awake was me and Harry. I was listening to Wings and I didn't realise that I was singing loud enough for Harry to hear me. "You sing very good!!" I was blushing.. "Thanks and you weren't supposed to hear that." "It's okay maybe you can become famous!" "I auditioned for X-factor but this girl out run me.. I was in the finals just me and the girl." "Well you are going to sing for Simon tomorrow!" "Bring it on!!" "You are one confident girl!!" "Thanks!" I then fell asleep and Louis woke me up. "We're here!" "I haven't been to London before!!" "It's beautiful!" "Harry wake up your lazy monkey ass up!!" "No cursing!! Thank you!!" "No problem! I can't stop cursing I will only do it once in a blue moon." "Good now lets go!" The airport was huge!! Michael was at work so I needed a ride.... They must have notice because I made a face. "Need a ride love? "No Liam that is too much to ask for we kinda just met and-" "Hush lets go!" "Fine." I got into the car and I couldn't wait to see London. The airport is nothing...

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