Life Just Flows

Melissa is a 17 year old girl who was adopted into a pretty messed up family. She was abused and she had a relationship that went wrong. Her ex-boyfriend was Angel King. Melissa thought everything is just ruined and that she will have a screwed up life, but when she meets 5 new guys, everything changes.Enjoy!!! Thanks for reading!!


4. Her Funeral

I was at a hotel getting ready for Andrea's funeral. I wasn't in a mood for anything at all, just not today. I found a black long-sleeve shirt and black skinny jeans. I couldn't find any shoes so I searched my closet. After like 5 minutes of searching I found a pair of black flats. I put on a little makeup and straightened my hair. I was all ready and tears started to fall. I had water-proof makeup on so I was fine. I drove to the funeral home which was 25 minutes away. Plenty of cars were there and the media was all in Mrs. King's face. Oh my God it's a funeral to grief for a little girl who passed away!! The fuck go talk to the murderer for Christ's sake!!! "You guys need to go!! She is upset and I bet if someone died in your family you would want respect and we want the same so leave!!" Some lady was like "Are you the murderer's girlfriend?" "God dammit I said leave!! Leave us the fuck alone!! No we are not dating!! Go all of you!!!" They all left because I attracted a lot of people and my facial expression wasn't good. "Thank you Melissa." "You're welcome Mrs. King." We started crying in each others arms. We both loved her very much. Andrea's dad was in jail but they let him come. I caught him in a corner by himself. I went up to him and talked with him. "I just want to let you know that Andrea was like a little sister to me and the sweetest thing ever. A very beautiful and brave girl entered this world. She has a great father even if you gotten into trouble. She was so eager knowing that when Mrs.King comes home, she would go and see you. Mr.King if I was there I would kill him or stop him. God has this handled, I promise you." He looked up to me and hugged me. "Thank you." I just smiled. The funeral lasted for an hour. Very sad. Everyone was crying. I saw lifeless body laying there. Just so sick and sad to think of. I said my good-byes and went back to my hotel. I leave to London in 2 hours. I made sure I had all my belongings. I dressed up in some black sweats, a red sweater , and some red Converse.I had to dress like this because it is cold on the plane. My hair was in a medium fishtail braid. I kinda played around with it. It was time to go. I grabbed my things and put them in a taxi. A long, peaceful, ride to the airport.




Author's Note~ Hello!! This Was A Very Boring Chapter But It Was Kinda Written Because I Can't Go Straight Into The "Big" Moment. I Say That Because I Don't Want To Spoil It!! Yeah, So Enjoy!! Oh Yeah Also I Will Be Writing A New Movella Later.... Thanks Again Bye!!!


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