Life Just Flows

Melissa is a 17 year old girl who was adopted into a pretty messed up family. She was abused and she had a relationship that went wrong. Her ex-boyfriend was Angel King. Melissa thought everything is just ruined and that she will have a screwed up life, but when she meets 5 new guys, everything changes.Enjoy!!! Thanks for reading!!


1. Author's Note

Well, as you know I was doing Imagines. I stopped that beacuse it's just too much to handle at this moment. I have so much school work to do, it's not even funny, so maybe after the exams and stuff I will do Imagines beacuse I will have more time. Please enjoy this!! I already have everything planned in my head and how this will work out so I am perfectly fine... Anyways please read this and ENJOY!! I like to make my readers happy!!! At certain points I will have contests and ask you guys for new ideas for a new fan-fiction, but obviously not right now.. Okay I gotta shut up.. Bye!!!

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