Dawn of Destiny

What happens when you realise you have killed the love of your life, when the horrific face looking back at you in the mirror isn't your own any longer and when self-control suddenly isn't your own decision?

Darkness is the only thing you can turn to...

Caine was lured to the edge of a steep cliff in his sleep. He let himself fall but awoke in mid-air when he felt weightlessness. Hitting the surface of the ocean was like hitting concrete. Caine got sucked into the depth of the water, and that is where he met his fate. When he reached the surface once more to get a breath of his new life, his humanity did not follow. He was left with a new friend... A demon.


1. Chapter 1 (draft)


   Don't let the evil take me… Caine continued to think as he kept on walking towards the edge of the steep cliff. He was completely lost in a current nightmare, where his worst enemy was himself. As mentally unaware of the situation as he was, his physical self kept on going until he was standing at the very last bit of ground that was left. There was nothing but freezing cold water beneath him and as far as the eye could see. Don’t… Let it… take… me, he said again, this time, it was the last words spoken in his mortal life… His feet instantly lost their grounding, and the moment Caine felt weightlessness he awoke with a jolt. He found himself in mid-air staring directly at the stars. He was falling with a speed so fast, that he was under water before his mind could react to the situation. His back painfully hit the surface of the water. It caused the little amount of air he had left in his lungs to vanish out his mouth. His chance of inhaling a new breath of life was gone as his unconscious body sank all the way under the cold water.   '


   Caine shook his head back to the presence and stared out into the big blue ocean. He was unable to sense the surface but refused to end his life in such a way. Immediately he began swimming towards the lighter blue above him, but it didn’t take long for him to realize that he was not going anywhere. He experienced something utterly magnificent in that moment. He saw an enormous power source form beneath him, a black hole opened and everything went too bright for his human eyes to see. In the span of a second he got pulled down there, he didn’t know by what, or by whom, but he couldn’t reach the surface in time to get a new chance of survival. When he got under the holes opening, it closed straight away, and everything went black. So did his mind as the last breath of air left him, and he came to inhale water. Blue seductive light appeared, and sirens voices were played in the echo deep water. Then it happened... His soul was ripped from his physical self, appearing above him as a white godly version of himself. It was dragged up by the arms, so it was floating straight in the water, and so was his physical lifeless body. Now, body and soul was facing each other, and the power source appeared once again, pushing body and soul into each other faster than lightning, creating the inhumanly bright light once more, just as his soul found the way inside his body again. Right in that moment, the big hole formed above him, and his eyes shut open, as the power source pushed him through the water and up to the surface, faster than anyone could ever dream of swimming. He flew up the water and inhaled the first breath of his new life. He didn’t know what had happened, or how it had happened, but he had no time to wonder about it now. With his sudden abnormally good eyes, he caught a glimpse of his surroundings and found himself stranded in the ocean. Caine had drifted away from the cliff. Panic spread fast but settled a second later when he realized how fast he had swam from the depth up to the surface. Determined he began swimming and his body moved through the water faster than humanly possible. The cliff was in sight in seconds, and he grabbed the edge of it and climbed up. Caine took a moment to look out at the ocean where he apparently had spent the whole night. He clearly remember looking up at the stars when falling, and from the moment he hit the water darkness reigned his mind and no memories existed from that point onwards. Now, dawn had spread and slowly it was lighting up the sky. Caine looked directly into the sun appearing in the horizon, and fell to his knees. Tears pushed their way through and took control of Caine’s sight, making it blurry from all the emotions forming in his expression. He felt overwhelmed. What just happened hit him like a bullet of faith and control vanished his body. Caine didn’t know what had happened to him underneath that water, but he knew it meant he was made for something far more special. Someone, something had given him a second chance in life. Whether it was a chance given for good, or for evil, Caine was yet to find out.


1 year later…

   Caine took one last look in the mirror before burying his head in his hands. Am I meant to suffer like this? He thought on a sigh, as he sank deeper and deeper into his own mind. He kept getting lost in the past; his daydreams had begun luring him in, making him unable to shake his mind back to the presence. Telling the difference between reality and fiction was no longer a possibility. Hope was the only thing that made him inhale his next breath, that and Odette… Caine picked up his phone. “Hello?” Caine exhaled the amount of air he had been holding in ever since he dialled her number, back in heaven. The sweet echoes from her angelic voice gave him the only blissful moment he had encountered in too long. “Odette…” he said and felt his heart ache at the sound of her name. “Caine? I told you not to call, I know you miss me but you have to forget about me. I’m sorry”. “You know I wouldn’t have called unless it was urgent, I need to see you, tonight, please Odette”. His hands ran through his hair of anxiety, and a constant sound came from his foot tapping the floor. What if she refused? “Please…” He begged again, still there was no answer. A big sigh escaped Caine as he ran his hand down his face, and just as he was about to hang up he heard a sigh coming from Odette as well. “Okay. Graydon is gone from 10-11 tonight; I’ll be there by then” and with that she hung up the phone. A smile appeared on Caine’s lips for the first time in a while. Seconds later he found himself standing in front of the mirror again, studying his new expression of temporary happiness. This was it. As he looked at himself the pupils in his eyes began spreading and made his eyes completely black. You really do come out at the worst times, don’t you, you bastard, Caine thought. Fine let’s go and satisfy your sick needs. He fisted his hands on his way out the door, and headed for the nearest wood. 


   Upon arrival he signed and realised a short moment later, that all dreams of ever being anything human again were further out of reach, than any of his many earlier unrealistic dreams. He growled low in his throat and bit down his teeth, as he removed the big jungle leafs out of his way. One, two, he sped up, removing several leafs in seconds, making his way through the labyrinth of plants like it was nothing. Absolute rage filled him, and his vision got blurry and red, along with his pulse rising. He pictured the plants and trees as his enemies, the whole jungle now forming a battlefield for his eyes. Time to explore my powers he thought darkly, as he fisted his hands and leapt into motion. His body moved fast, making it seem like he was flying over the ground, and making the fallen leafs whirl around him like exotic waves forming a shield. Then he met his first enemy. Bam, crack and he had broken the muscled mans jaw, arm and leg. Just like that he fell lifeless to the ground. Pease of cake, Caine thought as he found his next target. He planted a rock hard fist in the guys stomach, making him bend over immediately, and straight away Caine forced his knee up in the guys chin. The power of the kick was so strong, that it lifted his whole body off the ground and backwards. Two down, ten to go and with that he went on with his heartless killing, taking one down, then another, until the jungle was free of any living humans. Now, the only thing that caught Caine’s eyes was death and destruction, lying on the ground in the form of dead male bodies. Decorates the boring jungle ground so nicely, he thought with a wicked grin. That grin quickly vanished, as he fought to control his breath again, and get his normal vision back. All he saw at the moment was red, an absolute horror vision, making it all that much worse. Only when he had shaken his head, gotten his breathing under control and his head was cleared of anything unusual, did he take another look around. His breath caught in his lungs as he looked at his surroundings. All he saw was trees lying on the ground instead of standing up, with marks in them that no regular hand could have caused. You monster... He said facing the jungle ground. He had given him a new name; Violence.

   Ever since his night in the ocean, he had furiously been searching on the internet for answers. Caine was confused and in serious lack of answers, until one night when a documentary was send in his TV. A documentary about demons... Everything was too unbearable to believe at first, but the signs, the things they described, it was all too close to his newfound behaviour to ignore. Caine had to welcome the thought of his body being possessed by a demon. Later on, he had started to talk to violence, feeling utterly idiotic doing so. But one day, after months of trying to communicate with it, it spoke back. Need... to kill... It had said. Caine was shocked. Not only had it finally answered him, but he was shocked by the words echoing in his mind; need to kill. From then on, violence would not stop giving him orders. It was a part of him, and Caine felt ill and unable to function properly if he didn't give in to his demons needs. Unfortunately, the orders given was humanly impossible to go through with, with a good heart. Luckily he had found a way to satisfy the demon, although it required him to take action more often. 3 times every week did he have to destroy several trees and plants in the nearest jungle or wood around. Only was it possible to satisfy violence with this, because he was able to imagine it being humans.

   Caine stayed in the jungle for a while. It had begun raining, and the drops of cold water cooled him down a bit. His eyes closed immediately when the drops softly hit his face. He sat down on one of the trees he so easily had cut in half, and blankly stared at the pretty flower in front of him. He stroked it a few times and mildly smiled. The flower reminded him of Odette. Amongst all this destruction, there it was, there she was, shining brighter than ever and creating beauty in a doomed place. He tore it up and carried it with him the long way home. 


   His boots got tossed aside once he was inside his warm home again. Caine was soaked from the rain. He placed the little flower on the desk and jumped in the shower to get cleaned up for his big meeting with Odette tonight. All thoughts inevitably flew around and caused chaos in his mind as he was washing his hair. Most of them he ignored, but others made him growl low in his throat of disgust; these were the ones that came from the demon. In his mind he thanked whoever or whatever was responsible for bringing Odette into his life. Without her he had nothing to smile about. He shock his mind somewhat clear, and stepped out of the hot shower. Mixing with the cold air his body began steaming, and he took a look in the mirror. It was too foggy for him to see anything, so he took a towel and swiped it across the mirror. Instantly he took a step back and inhaled a deep breath. The slippery floor made him fall over and he landed hard on his back. What was that?! Was that... Me? Caine thought as he struggled to stand up again on his now shaky legs. Slowly he walked up to the mirror and sure enough, the horrible reflection he had spotted was still there. It was as if the demon tried to escape his body. A white smoke alike creature appeared around him, and physically made him look horrific and inhuman. It was starring directly at Caine. Kill... Now! It suddenly yelled and send shivers down his spine. Right after, Caine could feel the control vanish, and he knew what was happening. "What?! But I just satisfied you earlier, how can you want more?" he yelled louder than the demon had, but it was too late; that was the last bit of influence he had. The demon had taken over for the second time that day. Hungry... Violence continued to think as it impatiently walked from end to end in Caine's big house. With nothing there to satisfy his need to kill, it knew it needed to go hunting. It flew out the door and targeted looked around its surroundings. Spotted, a tall young man with a pretty girl by his side. Have to... Kill them, and with that Violence leapt into motion. The inhumanly fast speed made sure he was unseen and in front of them in seconds. The couples stopped straight away and held their breath at the awful sight they were facing. Red eyes were locked on the guy, and when they shifted and met the girls stare, she screamed. Violence placed one claw on her mouth and the other one on the back of her head. Snap it said when it easily broke her neck and killed her in an instant. "Madeleine!" The man yelled. Two determined hands were planted in Violence's stomach a second after, "you bastard!". He tried hard to plant his next fist a clever place, but with the unfair strength difference he had no chance. Slam, crack and just like that the demon had picked him up and broken his back. It dumped the lifeless body on the ground next to the woman's, and found its way home again straight after.      


     Violence still had the control over Caine's body when he got inside the house. Need to kill more... It thought and took another search around the house. It was not satisfied. Violence reached the door to go out on another killing spree, and just as it was about to open up the doorbell rang. "Hello? Caine is that you I see behind the door, come on open up then". A female. Violence ripped the door open and dug its nails into her shoulder to pull her inside the house. It pushed her down on the floor, and happily watched how she screamed and slowly crawled backwards still facing Violence. "Caine? What are you... Caine please" she said, and tears started appearing in the corner of her eyes. Violence was enjoying it, the best part was that it got to play with its victims. It picked her up by her shirt, and stared directly into her eyes. Odette shivered from the pure evil that was starring directly into her soul. It was clear to her that Caine wasn't himself; he was bloody, the big red eyes glowing with all that evil, claws instead of hands and the white terrifying smoke around him, that formed a demon alike creature. "Please Caine..." she softly whispered. She had no other choice but to close her eyes and let the tears stream down her red cheeks. Violence could feel the fear in her stiff body, and it sucked it all in right before she got thrown at the table in front of them. All air vanished her lungs, and pain exploded from her back. "I beg you..." Odette said, weaker this time. Violence lifted the corner of Caine's lips, and walked fast up to her, instantly breaking his claw through her skin and placing it around her heart. Odette widened her mouth and another tear left her wet eyes. In that moment, Caine got control of his eyes, and saw Odette in front of him. She realised the demon had changed as well, and she recognized Caine's soft brown eyes. "Caine..." she managed to get past her lips, before her head tilted to the side, and life escaped her innocent body. That soft whisper made him win back all control and instantly he saw the horror in front of him, in his own hands even. "No... No Odette please wake up! Odette no!" He slowly slid his shaking hand out of her chest. He could only watch as blood continued to pour from her gaping hole around her heart. Tears broke out like waterfalls, and all his emotions were placed outside his skin. I have killed my only joy in life, the only one I ever loved... I'm a monster, Caine thought and picked her up. He placed Odette's lifeless body on his left shoulder, and stormed out the door. Outside it was still raining, and laying above him like she did, made the blood run down his chest and arm, until it reached his leg. He was quickly covered it blood; the rain only made it worse. The raindrops mixed with Odette's pouring blood, and doubled the quantity, as well as mixing with the tears still continuously coming from his eyes. His steps got quicker and harder, he stomped through the mud looking like a killer on the hunt for more victims. There were no words left for him to describe how angry he felt with himself. How could he ever live knowing he had ended the life of such innocence and beauty? 


   Caine slowly slid Odette down from his shoulders, and placed her up the door of her own home. He stroked her head and got a few bundles of hair away from her face. When her beautiful face came to sight he broke down and felt his heart ache. Crying as he was he buried his face in her shoulders, "please forgive me Odette, I love you so much" he whispered. Out of nowhere the door was slammed open and in fell Odette's body. Caine struggled to stand up on his own feet. He wiped away most of the tears with his soaked sleeve, slowly meeting the eyes of the man he never wanted to see again; Graydon. Graydon was shockingly looking down at Caine. Being covered in all that blood he did not look friendly; but neither did Graydon as he finally realised the seriousness of the situation. "What have you done!" he yelled and a second later he was down on his knees by Odette's side. Caine started to back up a small step at the time. "I never meant to harm her, I love her just as much as you do, you know that Graydon". "Never say my name again! You are not welcomed here any longer" The rain started to thin out, and the blood was beginning to solidify on Caine's shirt. "Please give me a chance to explain, I beg you" Caine humbly said, but Graydon's eyes were getting more and more dark, filled with anger and sorrow. "You killed my love! Run right now or I will kill you as well" He yelled, and Caine didn't hesitate. He turned around and ran as fast as he could. "I will come for you" he heard Graydon shout in the background, but he never looked back. 





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