Teenage Dirtbag

Sydnie Nelson is a 19 year old girl who lives in California. She goes to UCLA and is studying to be an actress. One day at school, there was a new student in her class. Harry Styles. She developes feeling for him but at the same time she doesn't like him. A month later, a rumor around campus starts saying that Harry had a crush on Sydnie. Is it true?


3. Chapter 3

(Sydnie's P.O.V.) 
"Yes mom I'm fine!" You say for what it seems the millionth time over the phone.

 "Mhmm, 3 weeks. Then it'll heal. It isnt too bad. Kristen will take care of me." I say smiling at my roommate, Kristen.

I talked for a few more minutes then hung up. "I gotta get to class. Bye mom, love you."

 I grabbed my crutches, "Coming Kristen?" I ask as I headed to the door.

 "In a bit." She says. 

"Wait, who's going to help me then?"

 "I will." I hear someone say. 

I was oblivious that the door was open. It was my crush, Derek, and his girlfriend was no where to be found. I gave a warming smile and he grabbed my things, making sure I safely got to class. I've liked him since the first time I saw him on campus. We arrived in the classroom and he put my stuff down. He started talking to me for the first time ever. We talked about how I twisted my ankle and just random things. Class hasn't even started and he stopped talking to me. Why so sudden? He looked frightened and nervous. I really wanted to know what was happening. I turned around and noticed Harry sitting behind me. He gives me a smile and I return a half smile back. I turned back to the front and stared at the board. Something's going on and I'm a little scared.

(Harry's P.O.V)
I walked to the girl's side of the campus and up to Sydnie's room. I knock on the door and her roomate opened it. 

"Hi, er is Sydnie here?" I ask, rocking back and forth on my heels.

She shakes her head. "She left with Derek."

 I clenched my fists, and was boiled with anger. 

"Thanks." I muttered before I left. 

Did she seriously have Derek take her? I don't even know him, but he sounds like a player. How could she choose him over me? I thought we had something. just thinking of this got me angrier. This wasnt making any sense. I walked to class and sat behind Sydnie. She was talking to Derek. I glare at him. I wanted to punch him so bad. He got uncomfortable and left her. Sydnie turns and sees me. I give her a smile and she gives me a half smile back. Did she not like me? What about what happened in the nurse's office? Did that not mean anything? She turned back to the front. This was my chance. I get up and walk over to Derek, pushing his friends out of the way. He looked terrified once I was standing in front of him. In an angry tone I get up in his face and say, "If I EVER see you talking to Sydnie again, we're going to have a problem. You hear me!?" I yell the last part. He nods, quite shaken and I walk away. No one is going to be with Sydnie unless it's me. 

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