All it took was a week

It is about a teenage girl with a difficult pass and falls in love with a famous singer named zayn.


3. Surf Competition

Knock. Knock. Someone was banging on my door at 9:00 in the morning i was trying to sleep in. I got up. Pulled on some sweat pants over my shorts and put on an over shirt over my tank top. i walked to the door. It was Savannah  i opened it up. She walked in straight to the computer and started typing.
Not even a hi.(me)
Hi read this.(Savannah)
I walked over to the computer and read this: 
Today the California state surf competition has not been canceled. But we have some special guest visiting. They will be doing a signing after the competition just like the top ten surfers. The surfers that have people coming from out of state need to tell the people your bringing to leave them alone until after the competition is over. They may only get one direction things signed. Do not engage them if they want to talk they will talk to you. Do not give them any problems until after the signings. People that our attending when the life guard comes in with someone on the back get out of the way and let them through. People that are attending do not get in the water at all. Surfers you will not be getting a shirt this year due to so many people attending. Good luck surfers. 
I went to the kitchen and made breakfast like i do every year on the surf competition day. I made eggs, Hash browns  Sausage, Bacon, and toast. Savannah was setting the table on the patio out back . Jennifer showed up right before breakfast was done she offered to get the drinks. Everyone wanted orange juice so she poured us some and toke it out side. They helped me take the food outside. When we finished eating we put everything up. We sat outside and about 30 minutes later their was screaming I turned around to face where it was coming from. There was a lot of people there. For the special guests. We went inside
Im going to get my bathing suit on.(me)
I walked to my room and put on my bathing suit. I walked back out and grabbed a new gym bag. I put a towel and sun screen lotion in it. I grabbed my board out of my garage. Savannah went to go get hers. I closed the garage door. Savannah came back she was only a couple of minutes. Jennifer went to her car and toke out her surf board. She came back in i locked the door behind her.I put on my gym bag. And grabbed my surf board Jennifer and Savannah were waiting outside. I locked the door behind me. We walked down to the beach i went over to the sign in booth. We all signed in. They gave us a lock for the lockers. We walked over to the lockers. I put my gym bag and my cell phone away. I looked around and saw where the special guest were they looked like normal teenage boys. One was staring at me he had Dark brown hair with brown eyes and a really nice smile. He looked towards me and for that moment. I looked away. 
The announcer came over the enter com and said:
Good morning lady's and gentlemen. All of the people that aren't surfing we put up a line for you not to pass. The only people that can cross it are the surfers, the special guest, the life guard, and the judges. Surfers you will be going up in groups. There are 7 groups. These groups are not your teem mates there who your going against. The groups have 14 people in it. 11 will make it through the 1st wave. 9 will make it through the second wave 7 will make it through the third wave. once you have been kicked out of the competition you must sit with everyone that is not surfing and you may not cross the line. After the third waves done with everything there will be a heat (a break) there will be 4 groups of twelve almost 12 people. wave 4 there will be 10 people will be left in each group. Wave 5 there will be 8 people will be left in each group wave 6 there will be 6 people left in each group. There will be no more groups after that. There will be a 30 minute heat after that. Wave 7 if the surfers don't see there name board that has 18 places you are out. Wave 8 if you don't see your name on the board that has 15 places then your out. Wave 9 if you don't see your name on the board that has 10 places then your out. Wave 10 if you don't see your name on the board that has 5 places then your out. Wave 11 if you don't see your name on the board that has 3 places then your out. Then we will give the winners there trophies and they will get there picture taken. Then the signing will start.Go to the sign in area to find out what group your in.
We walked over to the sign in area we were all in different groups.Savannah was in group 2. Jennifer was in group 6 and I was in Group 7. We walked over to the area that was blocked off for the surfers. We watch group 1 do all three waves.They didn't even leave the impact zone. Savannah went to the water. I went and got me a slushi it was really hot. Savannah and 5 other girls got out of the impact zone. They finished all 3 waves. Savannah dropped off her board and went to her locker to get her towel. 

I headed to the snack stand. I ordered 3 bags of chips.I walked back to the girls and we eat our snacks. We ate our chips. 5 of the people ended up getting saved by the life guard. Group 5 finished all 3 waves. Group 6 went up Jennifer's group. They sat there looking for a wave and they all went for the same wave but Jennifer got it. She made it through all three waves. Now it was my groups turn. 
My feet hit the water. I ran in. I straight away tried getting out of the impact wave. Everyone made it passed the impact section but about 3 people. They were the same people that didn't make it through wave one. A wave came and everyone went after it. I dodge it cause i saw a big one behind it i ended up getting it. I made it through all 3 waves. We went back up to the signings and Jennifer and Savannah got the same group. They were in group one i was in group 4. Again the last group. I watch Jennifer and Savannah. Savannah didn't make through all the waves.Jennifer did. Group one was done with all the waves. I went to go get me a icey. I went back to the girls. Group 2 was done with there waves. It wasn't till group 3 went up when i felt the competition get harder. Group 3 was done. It was my groups turn. I went passed the impact zone. I got 4 waves. I made it passed those waves. We had a 30 minute heat. We went walking over to get a drink. I walked to an open area. When the brown eye boy walked up.
Im zayn.(Zayn)
Im Jessica.(me)
Your really good at surfing(Zayn) 
Thanks and your probably really good at singing.(Me)
Is that suppose to be a compliment.(Zayn)
Yes i just never heard you sing.(me)
I sing in what makes you beautiful.(Zayn)
then you must be good that's a great song.(Me)
Thanks you live around here.(zayn)
your welcome and Yeah I live right up there.(Me) I pointed to my house.
That looks like a nice house.(Zayn)
It is but its really spacious Just being me.(Me)
Wait I thought you were like 17.(Zayn)
Haha Im 18 bout to turn 19.(me)
Oh If you (Zayn)I cut him off.
Umm my friends are calling me you can come over if you want.(Me) as i walked off
I heard zayn voice fade. I walked to the blocked off area all i could think of was zayn. His beautiful voice, His beautiful name, and everything about him. I sat down. I couldn't stop thinking bought him but i cant like him. The announcer came over the intercom telling us wave 8 was about to start. I need to get focused on the competition. I ran in the water. I got waves here and there. i made it through that wave now was the last wave. I didn't get any. I sat there with everyone else that made it. I felt the water. I know it sounds weird but you can feel one forming. I felt one i started patteling towards it. After i saw it i started patteling the other way. I got a huge wave I zoned everything out i went through the tunnel of the wave. It caused me to win Savannah came in 5th. I went over to the award ceremony. I got my trophy. After that Savannah got the same signing booth as me only people that truly loved surfing came up here. We walked to my house. Savannah went to here house and Jennifer left to her house. I went to take a shower i pulled some sweat pants over my shorts. I went to the living room and watch TV  About a hour went by when there was a knock on my door. It was zayn I let him in we talked and goofed around. 
You hungry cause i am.(Me)
Yeah kinda.(zayn)
Is there any food you really like.(Me)
Uh chicken why.(Zayn)
Im going to cook.(Me)
you don't have to.(Zayn)
I insist.(Me)
I got up and started cooking. When we were done eating i gave zayn some to take home. He asked me to go for a walk on the beach. I went with him. The sun was setting. His face looked so beautiful. It was amazing.After we were done walking. I walked him out to the van that came over to get him. He gave me a hug good-bye and tried to kiss my cheek but i moved out of his grasped and said by. I went inside and went to bed.


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