All it took was a week

It is about a teenage girl with a difficult pass and falls in love with a famous singer named zayn.


5. Starting to fall in love

I asked Savannah, Jennifer, and Izzy if they wanted to come they all said yes. I texted zayn and he said he would come and get us. I looked through my closet for something to where. I pulled out some skinny Jeans and a really nice shirt. I walked to the living room where the girls were. We all talked. I really dint like zayn I couldn't  Hes some famous guy. From England. He lives across the world. I live here. I don't see how it would work. There was a knock on the door. It was zayn and his friend. I let them in I introduced Zayn to Savannah, Jennifer and Izzy. He introduced us to harry liam niall and louis. I saw Savannah liked niall. Jennifer liked Harry. Izzy liked louis and louis liked her. We all left. I asked zayn where we were going and he said to eat. After we were done eating. He took us to a building after words.I asked him where were we. He said he had a concert tonight. He gave us a tour. Then they went to this one room there was fruit and knives. They asked us if we wanted to play with them. They showed us how to play. Zayn put the knife in my hand and his hands were on me and my back was against his chest. His hands were on mine and i didn't mind not one bit. Liam through a fruit up and zayn moved my hand with his and we sliced the fruit we played for about 5 minutes then they said that they have to head to the stage to follow Paul  Paul i guessed was there body guys. He took us to a box where we could watch the concert. They were amazing. Zayn voice was really nice it warmed my heart to the core. After the concert we went down stairs. the girls hugged the guys they liked except me i didn't like that i liked him. There bus driver drove us all home. When we got to mine Zayn walked me to the door. He went to kiss me and i didn't let him. I went inside and sat in front of the door i started crying I didn't want to like him. Why did i have to like him. I don't want to tell him about me. I didn't want him to get to know me. I walked to my room and went to bed and ended up crying myself to sleep.
I woke up in the middle of the night by aloud crash. I grabbed my phone and grabbed my bat that was next to my bed. I walked slowly out my room i checked the guest bedroom no one was there. I checked the main bathroom. No one was there. I walked to the living room. I stayed against the wall. It was my Cousin Lucy  I gave here the keys to my house 2 or 3 years ago.
you gave me a heart attack!!!!(Me)
No affence why are you here?(Me)
Well its the week your mom down and well i know this week your going to hate.(Lucy)
Oh well how long are you staying?(Me)
Just the rest of the week.(Lucy)
Alright well you want to go to bed?(Me)
Please ive been driving for 3 hours.(Lucy)
I walked Lucy to the guest room i have seen her since my moms funeral. After she was in the room getting ready for bed I went across the room to my moms room. She makes me think about her a lot she has the same smile as my mom. I walked over to the chair I sat at when my mom was sick. I went to the table and grabbed the bowl I gave here of food the last meal she had. She didn't finish it. I put the bowl on the dresser  I looked at the picture of me and her it was my favorite. I sat on the end of the bed and remember the day from the picture exactly. I got back up and sat the picture down and grabbed the bowl. I locked the door behind me and headed to the kitchen i rinced the bowl. I headed back to my room and went to bed.


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