All it took was a week

It is about a teenage girl with a difficult pass and falls in love with a famous singer named zayn.


2. One Direction arrives

We drove to the city. There was people every where. More than usual  We went to go get something to eat.After that we went to Jennifer house On our way there was tents set up outside a hotel. We had to wait 30 minutes for the crowd to let us through. When we got to her house we hung out till 11:30 at night. The day before any competition all the surfers went to the water and surf and mess around. We drove to the beach. We grabbed our boards and walked to where everyone was. I set my board down and looked at the water it was calm. I put my back facing the water. I started talking to my friends and that bus showed up. It stopped  Everyone looked back at it and then started talking again. The bus continued no one got out. Guess that no one decided to come. I grabbed my board and went to the water. I laid on my board staring at the sky. Then i got out. This is the funnest part of the night. We all got a this thing that you hold and when it comes to 12 you throw in the sky and they blow up and makes fire works but its not exactly a fire work. I drove Savannah home. When i got home Jennifer toke her car and went home. I went to the kitchen and grabbed a champain glass. I pored some apple sider in it and walked out back. I sat on my porch staring at the waves. When i was done with my drink i went inside. I cleaned my cup and set on a wash cloth for it to dry. I headed to my room and toke a shower and got dressed in my pajamas. I went to my room and went to sleep.


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