All it took was a week

It is about a teenage girl with a difficult pass and falls in love with a famous singer named zayn.


4. Izzy's back

My phone rang this morning. It was my friend and a competitor who lives in the northern part of California. We haven't talked in forever. 
Hey its Izzy.(Izzy)
I know.(Me)
Yeah I know we haven't talked in forever.(Izzy)
Yeah its been forever I thought i would see you at the surf competition.(Me)
Yeah I couldn't I was packing the moving truck.(Izzy)
Moving truck where are you moving.(me)
I'm moving back down there. Im actually already at my new house.(Izzy)
You need any help unloading the truck.(Me)
If you want.(Izzy)
I have nothing else to do.(Me)
OK i'll text my address to you.(Izzy)
Alright. Bye.(Me)
I hung the phone and pulled out some clothes. I toke a shower and got dressed. I turned on my straightener. I straightened my hair. I pulled some hair into a beret  I turned on my curling iron and put some waves at the end. I put the straightener and the curling iron up. I pulled on my make up bag and put it on. I checked my phone. She sent me her address i texted back on way im walking don't know when I will be there. I grabbed my wallet off my dresser and put a $20 in my pocket. I walked to the back door and put on my flip flops. I grabbed my keys off the kitchen counter and walked out the front door. I walked to the end of the drive way and saw zayn. I started walking towards him but that's the way I had to go. 
Hey whats up.(Me)
Well I forgot to ask you something yesterday.(Zayn)
I was wondering if you want to hand out tonight?(Zayn)
well then ill let you think about it and text me your answer.(Zayn)
He handed me a piece a paper and walked towards his friends.I looked at the number. I grabbed my phone and put in his number. I texted hey this is Jessica the girl you met from the surf competition. I kept walking it was about 15 more minutes till I got there. There was no moving truck. I knocked on the door. Izzy answered.
Are you already done moving.(Me)
yeah just finished.(Izzy.)
Come in.(Izzy) I walked in.
Nice house.(Me)
Thanks. So whats been going on hows your mom.(Izzy)
She past away This Friday will be a year.(Me)
Im so sorry to hear that.(izzy)
My phone vibrated.It was zayn. the text said. I know who you are. your the prettiest girl I've ever met. The smile on my face grew. I knew i liked him but i don't know if i want to be with anyone. I texted back. Thanks your not so bad yourself. 
Its a long story.(Me)
ive got time.(Izzy)
Well yesterday at the beach at 30 minute halftime i met this gut he was really cute cute and sweet. He came over yesterday and this morning and he gave me his number and asked if me and my friends wanted to hang out tonight. I said we will see. and he just texted me your the prettiest girl ive ever met.(Me)
Awww that's so sweet. I think you should go hang out with him tonight. (Izzy)


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