A day with Harry

A day with Harry that you will always remember


3. "The evening"

You and Harry have a blast making videos and just being yourselves and Harry decides to make you two something to eat and you offer to help, which probably was your mistake. You two start throwing food at eachother and lauging and Harry is standing at the counter making dinner and you go and scare him by grabbing his shirt and then he accidentally ends up throwing some of the food on you because you scared him and he gets a towel and cleans it off your face and gives you a kiss on your cheek. Then after you two are done with dinner Harry sits on your couch and you sit next to him and you two decide to watch a movie and he picks out the most romantic one you probably own and you are hesitant at first but you just relax. Once the movie starts you bring out your fluffy throw blankets and you snuggle with him and place your head on his shoulder and you put your hand on this firm stomach and he puts his arm around you. When the movie starts you are happy that Harry picked that movie cause that is actually your favorite movie and now you know that Harry also likes romantic movies. Every now and then he looks down at you and smiles and you smile back. Then there your doorbell rings and you two are so into the movie it takes Harry a few minutes just to answer the door and in walks Niall and he says "what's up Harry where have you been all day?" And he smiles and points to you and Harry sits next to you and Niall takes a seat on a chair instead of sitting with you on the couch. And Niall talks to you for a little then Harry gives him a look and Niall says "well looks like you two are busy so ill just leave" and then Harry walks him to the door and he comes to sit back down. After a while the movie ends and you look over at Harry and he has tears in his eyes and you say "what's wrong Harry?" And he says "that movie is how I want us to be". You don't know what to say so you just hug him tight and he puts his head on your head and his curls intertwine with yours and so do your hands, and you two fall asleep on your couch. But just for a little while.

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