A day with Harry

A day with Harry that you will always remember


6. "The bunglo"

So Harry's parents are really nice to you and they are being really comforting and then Harry takes you outside to his bunglo and he shows you around and you sit on the couch inside and he says that the rest of the boys are staying over at his house and he would like you to stay over and he says "we are all staying in the bunglo so you'll be with us" and you say "oh Harry that would be great love" and he smiles enough to show his cute dimples that you love about him. So Harry brings you back to your place to get your things and you two go shopping and buy matching pajamas so you two would look so cute. When you arrive at the bunglo Zayn,Louie,Liam,and Niall are already inside so you take a seat next to Louie and he talks to you for a bit while Harry and the other boys get things set up. After Harry comes over and sits next to you and gives you a big warm hug and you sit back in his arms while you all talk. Then you all sing like they did during the X Factor then Liam suggests you all go in the pool and you offer to just sit out because you feel bad that Zayn won't go in but Harry forces you, he goes in your bag and hands you your bathingsuit and when you come out of changing he is right there and he grabs you, picks you up, and runs with you to the pool mean while you can't help but stare at his tattoos on his arm that is on your arm. When you get to the pool he walked down the steps and sits on the steps with you on his lap and Niall comes running holding onto Zayn and Niall pushes Zayn in but you stay calm since it was the shallow end and figured Zayn would be alright. So Harry looks down at you and you say "don't get any ideas" but he already had one so he takes you out of the pool and flips you on his shoulder and he jumps in and you both crack up and then you two sit on a float and right when you and Harry get comfortable Zayn,Louie,Liam,and Niall jump into the pool knocking you both off the float into the water and you chase the boys around the pool into the bunglo and you trip over a pillow on the floor and you start laughing and they all pile into the room and trip as well so now you all are lying on the floor laughing at each other and Harry hands everyone towels. Then later Zayn starts the fire outside for everyone and everyone sits around the fire on lawn chairs and talks about whatever came up and you and Harry are sitting on this one big chair,sharing a blanket and your both holding hands and you look at him and you hear Louie tell Liam,Zayn,and Niall something about "we should leave them alone for a little" and they all get up at once leaving you and Harry alone and you start telling him how everything he did was so nice of him and how he was so perfect and how you had the best day, then he says "I had the best time too, I really hope we can do this again soon". Later you all go into the bunglo and watch tv and you all fall asleep but while your falling asleep you can sense Harry isn't asleep so you walk over to Harry and lay next to him silently so the boys won't hear you and Harry whispers to you that he was fine he just said "I had a nightmare where I woke up and you were gone" so you say "ok then I'll stay right here so that won't happen" and he smiles and pulls you closer and you fall asleep really fast because the sooner you go to sleep, the sooner you can start another perfect day with the most perfect guy.


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