A day with Harry

A day with Harry that you will always remember


5. "Morning!"

After that long night, you wake up first and get up slowly so you wouldn't wake up Harry and you answer the door to see Liam,Louie,Zayn, and Niall and you tell them to come in but Harry is still asleep so they grab Harry's guitar and rush into his room and sing their "wake up song"to him and he doesn't want to get up but then Zayn reminds Harry that you are still there and Harry jumps out of bed and Liam falls and Harry laughs and you were just walking into the room when Harry walked out and you two bumped into each other falling on the floor and his warm chest is up against you and he laughs and gets up and apologizes and the rest of the boys come out and go and sit at the table and Harry introduced you to them and they all say hey at once and you are so pleased that they all were so nice and they wonder how long you have been there at Harry's and you look directly at Harry and looks at you at the same time and you two laugh and don't say anything and then Niall says they were together the whole day yesterday and Louie yells "he's gonna getcha getcha getcha one way or another!" And everyone laughs even Harry. And then Zayn asks Harry when he is gonna have you meet his parents and Harry says "soon". And that ment soon, he took you over that afternoon and when you walked in his parents just looked at you and said "who's this ?" And Harry says "this is my girlfriend" and you practically burst inside. After meeting them, they offer you to stay a bit and Harry looks over at you and you say yes. 

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