A day with Harry

A day with Harry that you will always remember


2. " Just chillin"

Once you and Harry plan your day you decide to go back to your place for a bit to show him around. So when you arrive at your apartment he holds the door for you and you offer him a seat so you can rush into your room and tear down your Harry poster before he sees it. After that's taken care of you come out and he is picking up some magazines that were laying on the floor because when you were dancing earlier you must have kicked the table and knocked them off and you say "oh no you don't have to do that, I'll pick then up" and he insists he'd pick them up so you let him only because this is your chance to look him up and down to see exactly what he is wearing. So then you guys put on some music and it ends up more like blasting the music and dancing and then you and Harry end up cleaning a little in your apartment and when you are cleaning the table you spray him playfully with the glass cleaner and then he chases you around and into your room and when he catches you he says "nice try babe" and you fall on purpose and you both tumble onto the floor and start cracking up and then he pushes you under the bed and he runs away and then you say"that's it your gonna get it Harry" and you get up , and chase him and then you didn't see him hiding behind the door and he grabs you on your waist sending chills down your spine and you scream and he rushed over to the couch and you both fall again and he whispers something into your ear but you can't make it out because your laughing too hard and then he kisses you on your cheek and you both sit up and he says "let's clean some more" with a smirk on his face and you laugh and follow him and he takes you into the kitchen and he hands you a water because he figures you must be thirsty and you are so happy because he always thinks about you in the way you love. And you sit on the couch and he picks up your guitar and starts playing some notes from "little things" and you say "no more like this" and you take it and start playing the song, and being glad that you learned that song on guitar a few days before, and he starts to sing the first part in the song and then you hum along and then you two end up singing the rest of the song but before you finish when you get the lyric "I'm in love with you and all your little things" you two stare into each others eyes and you stay like that for a few second before moving in slowly and you two end up kissing and then he tells you that you play that song really well and you laugh and admit you had just learned that song just a few days before. Then you hear a knock on the door and its your neighbor seeing that all that noise is and you say everything's fine and Harry comes to the door saying "is everything ok?" And everything was and you say " yeah he was just dropping off some mail that came to his apartment of mine" and your neighbor says "ooh well you two have fun". And he leaves and Harry grabs you, puts you in his arms and twirls you around and decides to make a video of you two dancing and singing and just having fun. 

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