A day with Harry

A day with Harry that you will always remember


8. " H...A...R...R...Y

When you and Harry get back in town you two go back to his house not his parents and you go straight for the couch because you are so tired so you lay on the couch then Harry comes over and lays beside you and he closes his eyes then he slowly rolls on top of you and kisses you while running his hand up and down your arm with his soft hands and he sings softly into your ear "I want" but only a few versus and he repeats "I want , I want, I want, to be loved by you" and you put your hand on his back and gently run your nails down his back. Then he slides off and you turn over to your side and Harry pulls you toward him and puts his tattooed arm around your side. Then after you two ended up watching tv you get up and clean up a bit in his house since he helped you and minutes pass and you wonder what Harry is doing in his bedroom so when you walk in he hands you a box and he opens it and inside he gives you a promise ring saying "forever" and he explains he wants you and him to be "forever". You you say "oh Harry, this is the sweetest thing, I agree, you and me forever." Then he slips the ring on your finger and smiles. Then there was a knock at the door and while you two walk towards it Harry tells you it's Louie,they want to make a Twitcam. In walkes Louie carrying his laptop and he kisses you on the cheek to greet you and he says "so Harry twitcam?" So you tell them that you will just sit on the other couch while they make the video. So while they make the video they pretty much have nothing to say but Harry doesn't mention you because he doesn't want everyone to know yet because he doesn't want you to get hurt in any way. So they kind of just talk about random stuff and every now and then Harry looks over at you meanwhile you can't stop laughing at their craziness that you just adore about Harry that he can be serious, and funny at the same time just like you. So then after about an hour of talking they decide to end the video. So then Harry offers Louie to spend the night and he says "yea sure is that ok with her?" And he points over to you and you feel warm inside because he just figured you were spending the night again. So Harry asks you and you say "yeah sure why not, as long as he sleeps on the couch" and at this point you give him a smirk and he gets it , so he tells Louie that your cool with it. So you Harry and Louie go to another fancy resturant before Louie goes home to get his things.


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