A day with Harry

A day with Harry that you will always remember


7. "Another day, another adventure"

You wake up after everyone and they aren't there so you walk outside and into Harry's parents house and they are all sitting at the table and before you walk into the kitchen you listen to what they are saying and Harry says to his mom " this is the one, this is the girl, I'm not letting this one slip." And you close the door loudly so they know you just got inside so they don't know you were listening. You walk in and Harry's mom hands you a cup of tea and you sit down next to Harry and he gives you a kiss and you smile at him instead of saying thanks, love you too. Then Harry's mom asks what you two have planned for today and you aren't sure, neither is Harry so he says "just going to relax" and Harry's mom says "ok ill be in the living room if you need anything". So Harry takes you into the comforting hall way with a comfy bench and he says he wants to take you around London to see everything since you've only been there a few weeks and your happy that you haven't had any time to go site seeing yet. So you get dressed and you two leave in his new car and you turn the radio on and on comes "kiss you" so you and Harry sing that and dance carefully and then you two get out of the car and walk the calm streets of London while your hands are intertwined. Suddenly you get really cold and you don't have a jacket so Harry gives you his and he helps you put it on and it's all warm and soft and smells really,really good that you never want to take it off. So then you walk into a store and you both get matching bracelets saying "boyfriend and girlfriend". Then Harry leads the way back towards the car and holds the door open for you to get in.

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