A day with Harry

A day with Harry that you will always remember


9. "A night with Lou and Harry"

When you arrive back at Harry's house with yours and Louie's things, he opens his bag and starts spraying you and Harry with silly string so Harry yells "oh it's on" and he goes in Louie's bag and get out one for him and you and you all spray each other with the silly string and then you all tumble over laughing while you pull the string off of Harry's hair and he does the same to you. Then you Harry and Louie sit down and watch some tv and every time a commercial comes on you fill the break with talking. Then Harry says he's tired so you figure he's gonna go to bed so you race with him into his room while yelling back to Louie saying "goodnight" and when you two get into his room you let him get to the bed first because you want to look at some of his things that he owns so you look through some of his things and he just lays on the bed watching you. Then you go change into matching pajamas with Harry. And Louie takes a pic of both of you. Then you go sit on a chair that Harry has in his room and he lays on his bed and you two talk and you say " you know Harry everyday is wonderful with you, I don't care if its just staying in with you cleaning, being with you is the best thing", and he smiles and tells you how wonderful you are and how you are what he's been looking for. Then you feel all tingly inside because you are so happy so you go lay down next to him and you confess to him that you thought once you two met you thought you weren't good enough for him. Harry doesn't say anything he just turns you around and you kiss for a long time and you feel his hand on your hip so you place your hand on his soft hair and run your fingers through his curls making him come closer and you feel his stomach touch your stomach. You and Harry stay up a while watching tv and then their episode of "the year in the making" comes on and you two watch it and he even explains some of it to you and you see the scene where they are in the bunglo and you look over to him and he smiles a little. Then when it gets to the part where they show Harry crying because people were saying hate things to him, you touch Harry and hug him because you know he still is hurt a little. So after he turns the tv off and you turn over on your side so your back is toward his stomach and he lays his arm on your arm and you just stare out the window watching the lights flicker outside and he whispers to you that he loves you and had the best few days with you and he wants you to move in with him at his apartment and how he would do anything for you and take care of you and spoil you. Still looking out the window you whisper back saying "help me pack" and you feel his grip getting tighter and you tell him thank you and how that would be great to spend every day in his arms. So when you sense Harry fell asleep you can't help but imagine what it would be like to be with him everyday and have him by your side through anything. But Harry really isn't asleep either he is imagining what it would be like with you too and you feel him move his arm and then you move your head and take a quick look at him and he is awake and he says to you "can't sleep?" And you say "no, I was just thinking" and Harry asks about what and you say "us", and he doesn't say anything he just fixes your shirt for you and rubs your back.


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