My Question Is...

Once a week, I'll post a question that I want your opinion on. Post your comments! When posting comments, try to keep to the subject within the work, and when if you decide to comment, please mention the subject so I can pick the best answer, and publish it with the question at the end of the week! Thanks, get thinking!


10. Reveal The Name - Week Beginning 13/05/13

The best answer for 'American Speak' came from The Girl Next Door!

My Question Is...

Picture this. You're watching a telly programme, and you've been a fan of it for decades. The main character is a mysterious man, he's crazy and mad and very mysterious. And the writers of the show have announced they are going to reveal his biggest secret, that will change the show forever. His name. Should they reveal his name? Would it take away from the nature of the show? 

Tell me what you think!

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