The One With The Silver Locket

~"The one with the matching silver locket is your twin sister."~ Sofia Fernandez and Eleanor Calder are complete opposites. Except for their looks. Everybody says they look like twins, and when Eleanor and Sofia are told they have long lost twins, they set out to find each other. When they do find each other, will Louis fall for the other twin? Read to find out!


1. Twin Sister?

~Sofia's POV~  I had always wanted to know who my dad was. He had run away when I was born. Today I learned something very important about him. And somebody else.


~Flashback;two hours ago~ 


"Sof honey I need to talk to you about something important." Said my mom. Uh ohhh.


"it's about your dad." I leaned in closer, eager to know anything more about him.


"Well, you know he left when you were a baby right?" I nodded. "Okay, but what you don't know is that he took somebody else with him." What? I leaned back in my chair confused.


"Okay baby, you know your silver locket we bought you when you were born?" I nodded. That locket hasn't come of my neck my whole life. "We didn't buy only one of those, we bought two." She took a deep breath. "Sofie," She said. "The one with the only other matching silver locket is your long lost twin sister."


~Meanwhile;Eleanor's POV~ I had always wondered who my mom was. Today I found out something very important about her. And somebody else. 

~Flashback; 10 minutes ago~

"El, I need totally to you about something important." My dad called to me. Uh Ohhh.


"Yes, Daddy?"


"Its about your mother." I leaned closer eager to know anything about her.


"Eleanor me and your mom promised we would tell this to you and Sofia on your twenty-first birthday, so here gos nothing." Huh? Who's Sofia?


"Ok sweetie, so when you were born, I couldn't handle two kids, so I took you, leaving your mom and Sofia al








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