The One With The Silver Locket

~"The one with the matching silver locket is your twin sister."~ Sofia Fernandez and Eleanor Calder are complete opposites. Except for their looks. Everybody says they look like twins, and when Eleanor and Sofia are told they have long lost twins, they set out to find each other. When they do find each other, will Louis fall for the other twin? Read to find out!


2. Twin Sister? Cont.

(A/N) Arggg!! Sorry I cut it off on the last chapter I just accidentally clicked save and publish when it wasn't done sorry about that!  But this is a continuation of where I left off.


(El's POV)


"...So I took you and left, leaving your mom and Sofia alone." WHO THE HELL IS THIS SOFIA HE'S TALKING ABOUT?


"El, you know your silver locket?" I nodded. That locket had never left the place around my neck my whole life. "El, the one with the only other matching locket is your twin sister."


(A/N) Sorry I know it's short! But that was just the end of the first chapter. I live you all for reading this!







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