I want my Lou back.

Your gone, it's destroying me. How did this happen? I did everything i could, and now that your gone it haunts me every second of everyday, you want me to move one, i can't. i want you Louis no one else except you.


2. 2 days later

You made me feel like I was infinite all the time the moments we shared together were the moments that made me feel like I could do almost anything, I was with the boys all day yesterday and today as well I've pretty much cried the whole time your my everything Lou and you've been gone for 3 days and I can't handle it.  Niall and Liam have just constantly had their arms wrapped around me and Harry, he's the worst out of all of us he hasn't come out of our room for a whole day he's hurting so terribly and he still doesn't believe your gone. I still can't believe your gone, I just want to know why you did this why you decided to go? You were so incredibly happy and you just disappear, I think the worst part is every second that your gone I'm constantly blaming myself that your gone, I don't know how I'm going to do this with out you. 

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