Why am I always the bad boys choice.

Jaydee Gray has been known as "Fat Jay" for the past 6 years, this year, everything changed. She's lost weight, completely changed for good. But now, someone comes back that she wish never did.
What will happen?


1. Being the bad boys choice.




Mum and Dad are fighting again, and I can hear every word clearly through these paper-thin like walls our house has. There still have the impression that if they try and tear each others hair out, downstairs, then I won't hear them, trust me I hear loud and clear.

Lately, Dad's been sleeping in the guest bed-room. He doesn't think I know. I think he sneaks down there before I go to school.

Dad, of course I know.


I know things will never be right between my parents, but I guess they try? They are always at it, there stubborn like that. They won't give up, trust me.

I know I'll never have time to find someone to love and hate, because they boy I'm already secretly in love with is to busy, with Dylan the hoe.

Hang on, lets go back and I'll tell you why Dylan's a hoe.

Dylan Nicole McKellan, also known as the reason for everything bad in my life, my ex-bestfriend. 

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