One Direction Imagines

This isvexactlyvwhat it looks like, imagines and preferences. If you want one just comment. Also you can ask for an imagine, one that you give a scenario and i write an imaginebfor each boy in that imagine. If you want a preference just comment with your name, what boy you want, a scenario and ither detailsvyou want to give. I will try and get yours up as soon as possible. Thanks - Taylor


23. zayn and Rachel

Hey giys im skipping around a bit. im doing some off the top with requests that have a scenario. sorry i know i said i started with thw bottom. i will get to all of you i promise. just not today. i lthough i will be doing a ton today if i dont get writers block. but please. In ord for me to write more i want rds, favorites and likes!!! thank you i love you all. now onto my imagine. this one is for _boobear17 . Rachel's P.O.V. when will this class be over!!!!!! my god... ive had finals alll day looooong and om exahuasted. Its the last week of school and i cant wait for it to be done. once schools oit i have to waot a week and then zayn comes back from tour!!!!. he's been gone for 4 months and i miss him like crazy, who wouldnt? Theres one more class after this and then im free for the day, except theres still study hall, so i guess two classes. Though study hall dosent really count. Suddenly the intercome buzzes in the school. ' Rachel y/l/n, to be dismissed please. Your ride is waiting in the hall located off the main lobby, thank you.' then the intercom shuts off. I scramble to pick my books up and drop a few things in my hasye. Whos picking me up? My parents are out of town. my grams dead and no other family lives around here. Im sxared now, it could be like some mass murderee or something coming to kidnap me then kill me! I rush out the door, calling a quixk goodbye to my teacher and clqww qnd i can feel all eyes on me. I dash into the hall, heading to my locker, throwing my stuff needed into my bag and slam my locker shut. as soon as my locker shits i pull my phone out checking my messages. One from zayn saying he misses me. I want to cry, the boy is just so sweet. Now class has been dismiised and i hear sxreams from down the hall, high oitched girl screams, maybe it is a mass murderer and someine has reconized the person. I dash down the hall, my heart beating a million miles a minute. The screams are getting louder as more girls arrive. Finally i push theough the crowd and am enveloped in arms, too familar. ' ZAYN!!!!!!!!!!' i scream. ' baby thank god! i was being eaten alive by your classmates.' he mutters into my ear. the hall has fallen silent as everyone takes in the scene of me hugging a guy in a world famous boyband. No one knows about my relaionship with zayn, but now they do. ' I missed you!' i cry into his shoulder. he smirks and lifts my chinn, planting a sweet kiss to my lips. ' hey no crying rachel! cmon i didnt pick you up just to say hi. lets go say hi to the boys?' he asks and suddenly there is a burst of screams only louder this time as four hot one direction boys enteer the school calling zayn and mys names. ' oh god!' i hear an irish accent shout as they run to us, pulling us out the doors and away from the prison known as school. ' hey rachel!' they all greet me. ' back off, shes mine guys, i havent even gotten my good hello kiss!' zayn pouts pulling me in for a steamy kiss, while the boys scream and run away jokingly
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