One Direction Imagines

This isvexactlyvwhat it looks like, imagines and preferences. If you want one just comment. Also you can ask for an imagine, one that you give a scenario and i write an imaginebfor each boy in that imagine. If you want a preference just comment with your name, what boy you want, a scenario and ither detailsvyou want to give. I will try and get yours up as soon as possible. Thanks - Taylor


17. Zayn and Ciara

This is for @Zaynfan29 youve asked like twice for an imagine so here you go. Sorry i didnt get to you earlier. However thx for commenting.and i hope you like it. And im sorry for it being short or poorly written im really tored and i can wrte you another if you dont like it. To everyone else im sorry i havent gotten to yours. Im working hard to get to you all. I will dont worry it just takes time. I work from bottom to top. So thank you all for commenting and I will get to you i promise. In the meantime check out my other book i cant believe you ( a one direction fanfic) i hope you enjoy that as well ive been working really hard on it. Now onto the imagines Ciara's P.o.v. Falshback!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ' baby you light up my world like nobody else the way you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed and the way you smile at the ground it aint hard to to tell you dont know oh oh you dont know your beautiful' Their magical voices fill my ears as I dance around and stomp my feet to the music, crying their name like all the.other girls surronding me. My eyes look to the stage again and I am met with some beautiful and mesmerizing brown eyes. Zayn's eyes. Ohmygod! he isnt really looking at me is he?????????? Suddey he smiles and continues to sing as the song changes. His angelic.voice meets my ears and I cry his name, all the while through his solo. When the concerts down since the door is in the back and im in the front row im waiting to gwt out. Suddenly theres a tap on my ahoulder and I turn my eyes locking with the same brown ones id met earlier. ' Sorry love, i couldnt helo but notice you earlier. I figured id come and introduce myself' He says holding out his hand. I gladly take it, feeling my nerves fly out the window, thankfully. He holds my hand tight in his grasp as he pulls me off.the floor and up onto the stage. Je leads me backstage and into what i assume is his dressing room. He leads me to the couch and motions for me to sit, which i do. ' Whats your name, love?' Zayn asks, smiling at me. ' Ciara' I murmur, my hamd tracing patterns in the leather. His large hand comes down to rest on mine, stopping my movements. I llok up to him with a confused gaze. He meets my stare and grins ' Dont be nervous, Im a normal guy, well i can sing but lots of guys can. And well im famous but just forget that' He says wrapping his fingers around mine giving me a gentle squeze. I nod ' Okay' ' How old are you?' he asks ' um... do i hage to tell you that just yet?' i ask feeling uncomfotable ' Nope' he says. ' Okay. Thx... now up whyd you bring me back here?' I ask curiously ' Cause your beautiful and... i could tell just from your smile your a swwet innocent girl who i just had to meet. ' he says, making my heart melt ' Aaaaww Zayn' I reply grinning ' Look, your warming up to me already!' he shouts making me laugh. He pinches my cheeks and stands pulling me with him ' let me walk you to your car?' he asks. I nod. He slides his hand into mine and i wonder whu i feel sk confortable around him, only meeting a few minutes previous. *End of flashback* ' Your remembering the day we met, arent you?' Zayn asks suddenly as he leans over me and our newly born daughter of who im holding for the first time. I nod ' yes' I whisper. ' Good. I dont want you to ever forget it' he whispers leaning to kiss my lips and the babys forehead.
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