One Direction Imagines

This isvexactlyvwhat it looks like, imagines and preferences. If you want one just comment. Also you can ask for an imagine, one that you give a scenario and i write an imaginebfor each boy in that imagine. If you want a preference just comment with your name, what boy you want, a scenario and ither detailsvyou want to give. I will try and get yours up as soon as possible. Thanks - Taylor


2. Louis with Emma

A/N So this was a request vy Emma. You didnt give me a scenario sovI'm coming up with my own. Haha. But if you want a different one I can do that too. Emma's POV. ' Emma? Babe?' Louis calls out, just coming back from the studio. Running from the kitchen flying into his arms, causing him to drop the few things he was carrying, his jacket, phone, keys, and a few papers. ' Louis!' I cry, flinging arms around his neck, all his papers fluttering to the floor. ' Whoah! Miss me or somethin, love?' he asks chuckling to himself, wrapping his arms around me, while planting a soft kiss on my forehead. 'Mmmhhhmmm' I mumble into his chest. ' I've only been gone for the day. You act like I've been at war for two years!' ge exclaims, running his fingera through my hair. ' I just missed you thats all' I mutter before pulling back from his arms. Then I notice a small satin box on the ground, looking like its fallen from his jacket pocket. ' Lou, whats that?' I ask in a shaking voice. He glances tovsee what I'm pointing at and curses under his breath. ' It was supposed to be a surprise. I was gonna ask you next weekend. I had it all planned out too' he says cursing again, louder this time. He bends down and snatches the small box and looks back at me, a small smile growing on his lips ' Since you've already seen the box, what the hell, why not now?' he says grinning and dropping to one knee in front of me. ' Lou... what are you doing?" I ask him, getting nervous. ' Emma, darling, ssshh... its alright. ' he assures me. I nod my head slowly ' Emma, I know we've only been together for a year and a half now, but your who I want to spend the rest of my life. Now I'm not going to go through the whole how much I love you speech, cause you've heard that from me before. But... Emma... will you marry me?' he asks staring deeply into my eyes, opening the box and revealing a beautiful ring to me. ' yes!' I scream. He jumps to his feet and emvraces me, leaning down to kiss me full on the lips. I giggle and smile. he leans down to whisper in my ear. ' Whats for dinner, Mrs. Tomlinson?' he says. Ivgugglr ' Pasta' I laugh ' You know I think I'll get used to that name pretty fast. I like it.' he laughs with me lacing his fingers through mine, leading me to the kitchen, where I had been preparing dinner ' I love you' I whisper to him ' I love you too, Mrs. Tomlinson'
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