One Direction Imagines

This isvexactlyvwhat it looks like, imagines and preferences. If you want one just comment. Also you can ask for an imagine, one that you give a scenario and i write an imaginebfor each boy in that imagine. If you want a preference just comment with your name, what boy you want, a scenario and ither detailsvyou want to give. I will try and get yours up as soon as possible. Thanks - Taylor


8. Liam with Danielle

( Hlo everyone. So comments are rolliin very fast and I'm very happy. However I've had some requests for dirty imagines. I'm sorry thats not my kind of thing, plus I have younger readers. So I'm sorry. But I would be glad to make you a clean imagines. Anyrequests that are dirty i will simply make just they will be clean. thanks for understanding. This will also be my last imagine for the night. I will make more tomorrow since I dont have a full school day tomorrow. Thank youl all I love you - Taylor xoxo ( Danielle's POV.) I'm so excited for tonight. Liam has arranged for us to go to a fancy dinner at one of my favorite resteraunts. I am up in my room getting changed and putting my make uo on hile putting my hair in loose, bouncy curls, with light make up. i'm wearing a dark blue, one strslled dress so I have some dark blue eye shadow on making a smoky effect except with blue. I hear a car honk out front and I quickly finish up and grab my phone, lipbgloss and shove them into my deep blue purse that matches myvdress. I grab my black sweater off the chair in my room, slide it on and walk outside to be met by a showfer and a limo. Oh Liam and him being famous. I climb into the limo, liam not here, must already be at the resteraunt. As I expected. The showfer doesnt talk but simply stops the car at the resteraunt, gets out, open my door and helps me from the car, directing me towards Liam who is standing by the door, in a tux. Liam takes my hand and leads me inside the resteraunt where their are chattering couples at a table here and there. I notice the other one direction lads at a table with dates themselves. They all smile and wave happily, with a smirk planted on their faces as if they know something, whike we pass. I smile back but continue to folloe Liam, who has now lead me to a table in the back of the room away from most of the noise. ' I must say Liam, this is all very classy, I like it' I comment to LIam who in returns smiles. He pulld out a chair for me and I take a seat and he places himself across from me. A waiter comes and takes our order and liam orders some winebfor both of us, this being and italin resteraunt he then excuses himself to the resteraunt. In the meantime I glnace over to the other 1Dlads and find them all staring at our table. I quicky turn away as Liam returns. ' Liam? why are all the boys staring?' I ask quietly ' Because I'm about to do this' he states, sliding down to one knee. I gasp in shock as he takes one of my hands ' Danielle, will you marry me?' he asks sincerly ' yes!' I say wrapping my arms around his neck and kissinf him quickly.I now hear the bkys behind us ' Caught it all on camera!' Zayn says excitey ' That will be fun to show the kids!' Louis yells. I shake my head andvlaughs as the boys head back to their own table and Lia and I continue dinnef but now... engaged!
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