One Direction Imagines

This isvexactlyvwhat it looks like, imagines and preferences. If you want one just comment. Also you can ask for an imagine, one that you give a scenario and i write an imaginebfor each boy in that imagine. If you want a preference just comment with your name, what boy you want, a scenario and ither detailsvyou want to give. I will try and get yours up as soon as possible. Thanks - Taylor


19. Harry and Megan

This is for @megzy007 hope ya see this and enjoy Megan's P.O.V. ' Tag your it, tag, tag........... tag... cmon arent ya gonna come get me?' he asks pouting. ' Harry, your so childish... your 19 and your running around in a kid park playing tag... think about that for a moment.' I tell him, taking a seat on the grass. He sits beside me and lays back, pulling me with him. ' Its fun.... i never had the best childhood. Im making uo for it now. I just wanna have fun' he says pulling me onto his chest. I smile and run my fingers over his chest lightly. He grins and grabs my hand, pulling me up with him. I jump up onto his back and he runs around like a kid and we run into someonr and fall to the ground laughing. ' Sorry' I choke, sitting up. I look into the face of none other than Louis Tomlinson. He glares at us. Harry sits up, rubbing his heas ' oh hey, mate' Harry smiles. Louis glares at us and lends a hand, pulling us to our feet' ' You guys are having all this fun without me!?' he shouts ' Uh yeah?' I say smiling. Louis laughs and yanks me up onto his shoulders rather than back and takes off running. I balance myself and wrapping my arms around his neck. ' Hey! LOUIS!' Harry shouts, running after us. NOt looking and trying to follow us he runs into Zayn. Zayn falls to the geound laughing with Harry and Zayn stands and sprints to us, pulling me off Louis, running back to Harry, placing me on Harry and then he runs and jumos on Louis's back. I laugh the whoke time and harry lifts me putting me on his shoulders. I lwt Harry haul me around, pulling at hisbhair, and telling.him to hurry up if we're ever going to catch Zayn and Louis. Nialk and Liam at this point have.joined our ridcioulous game and are far behind us. We've started a race and now we're running through the woodd and Im trying to dogr tree braches. Suddenly I spot LOuis and Zayn, coming back this way. We have to go to one point then come back and reach where we started to finish ' Quick Harry, hide' I tell him. He hides is the bushes and croutches down, me still on his shoulders. the second before louis and zayn cross our lath we jump out at them, causing zayn ti fall off LOuis back. Breaking the rules, we had to stay on their back or we were diqualified. We win! Harry and I highfive. i kiss him quickly and we continue
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