same mistakes

This fanfic is about three best friends that go to a one direction concert. Front row seats to their favorite singers. The night can't get any better.......or could it?

Please read! I've been writing this fanfic for months now and really want to post! Enjoy


1. Fangirl Troubles


    AHH! Me, Julia, and Faith ran from security. I guess we are a little too obsessed with One Direction. When I say that its because Faith climbed onto the stage. Me and Julia followed. Now we are running backstage from two big security guards, and we are running out of turns to make. But just in time, Julia shoved us all into a dark room.


   "Well, that was a strange concert." "More bras then usual ah lads?" Niall said. "I wonder who those girls were and where they are now." "I don't know but they are out of their minds." I walked over to the refrigerator to get me a bottle of water. Then we heard footsteps. Security came running in. "We lost them.." The 2 panted "we were chasing after them and then they were gone. "Maybe they used the emergency exit" said Harry. "I don't know but I'm heading to my dressing room to relax" Liam said. He walked away.


   Why did I run on the damn stage in the first place....I can't believe we had one chance to see a One Direction concert and I blew it! "Guys I'm so sorry! I ruined everything." "No you didn't" Nicole answered. "Where is the light!!!!!!" Julia yelped. "Shhhhh! What if we get caught!" I said. A few minutes of science went by, "Omg, found the light!" Nicole whispered.She almost flipped the switch when I smacked her arm out of the way. "Owww!" Someone was coming. We all crawled behind the couch and prayed.

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