Paper Planes {One Direction}

Esther Bane was a completely normal human being, and a beautiful young teenage girl, until the day of the tragedy. The day changed her in the blink of an eye, and she soon found herself in support group once a week, trying to wake up from her nightmare of what happened that night in London. The night of the murder. The night of the nightmare, that kept hunting her night after night. Though Esther does have one happy thing left in her life, and his name is Harry Styles.
*Male lead bears no/very little likeness to the real Harry Styles apart from appearance*
[One Direction non famous]


15. Love cure

I spent Saturday night at Harry’s place. We were both really exhausted. This was one of the things I hated the most about being sick like this. I got really exhausted whenever I was around people and I just wanted to cuddle up and sleep for the rest of the day whenever it happened, though most of the time I had trouble sleeping.

I lay down in Harry’s bed and cuddled up to him. This was the first time we were really alone since he kissed me, we had been together a lot at his place, but I had made sure that at least one of the other boys had been there to help me as well.

“You okay Esther?”

“Yeah I’m feeling better. It’s just been a really long day.”

“Yeah tell me about it. I could pass out any second.”

“Me too.”

“I actually wanted to give you something earlier.”

“Really what was it?”

He lowered his hand into his pockets. He was wearing a pair of lose grey sweatpants that looked really good on him. Out from his pocket was a little paper plane, just like the one he made for me the day he was at my place the first time.

“You’ve made it so far this week and I’m really happy that you’ve done it. This is gonna be the longest journey of your life, but can we please do it together? Maybe even as more than friends?”

I admired his work with the small planes, but I didn’t really understand what he wanted from me. I couldn’t be his girlfriend and he knew that. He knew I wouldn’t be able to take care of him like he took care of me.


“You don’t have to say yes, I know you aren’t able to do half the stuff you want to.”

“It’s not that. I just won’t be able to take care of you, as I can’t take care of myself.”

“But you can Esther, you’ve proved that you can take care of yourself and take your pills and be happy.”

“I’ve had an amazing support so far, but I’ll have breakdowns Harry. It’s only the first week.”

“Have you harmed yourself this week?”

I pulled my sleeve up around my hand to cover the fresh cuts I had made earlier just before I left home. The cuts that had been revealed on my entire body when I showed them how far I had gotten, yet with the fresh cuts on my wrist.

“Esther let me see it.”

“You don’t understand it!”

I got mad whenever people wanted to see them and wanted to make it better. They couldn’t make it better and they knew it. It wasn’t about making it better, this was my fight and if I needed this then they should let me do it. Just once in a while. He needed to be satisfied with the fact that I had started eating again.

“Esther don’t get mad at me I’m only trying to help you.”

“I eat; can’t you just be happy with that? I’ve only cut myself twice over the past week!”

My words brought tears to our eyes and as I tried getting out of the bed all he did was tighten himself around me so I couldn’t move.

“Don’t leave.”

“Let go of me Styles.”

“No I’ll never let go of you princess. You’re gonna get better.”

I kept fighting for a little while, but my body was exhausted and I couldn’t keep going like this when I deep down knew he was right and I knew he was only trying to do what was best for me.

We lay there for a long time without saying anything and after about 15 minutes I started relaxing but Harry remained tight around me. He really didn’t want to let go of me.

I looked up into his eyes and smiled at him as I was admired by the way he looked and how calm he remained even though we were this close to each other.

“You can let go now Harry…”

“No I won’t let go of you, not now, not ever.”


“Don’t hurt yourself Esther. Every time the razorblade touches your skin it’s like you’re cutting me and hurting me even more than I’ve ever been. I wouldn’t want to lose the best gift I’ve ever gotten.”

“I’m your gift.”

“You’re my reason to get up in the morning. The reason I keep this fight going, and every time you hurt yourself, the plane is about to crash. You’re on a journey now where you’ll get out of this just like I’ve done, and we’re gonna go the rest of this way together.”

He placed his lips over mine before I got the chance to speak. It was like he healed me in that moment. Like he took all the bad inside of me out and was the cure of everything I had ever felt. The cure simply was to let love enter your heart and touch your soul, because that would always be the true key to happiness. 


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