They don't know about us

Melanie is a sixteen years old ordinary teenager, atleast until she meets George from the boy band; Union J. Even though he is nineteen, and she is sixteen, nothing can stop them for falling in love. Or that was what they thought.


2. The angel voice

It was my first day at school. All the popular kids had already parked their cars, and the ones who were less popular hadn’t got a place to park their cars, which had cursed a gigantic line of cars.

I was in the middle of that row of cars, when I finally spotted a place to park, but just then the schools most popular girl; Jenna, took it. This is probably going to be a really shitty year. I thought to myself.

It was 7:55 and the school started 8:00, which meant that I had 5 minutes to go find a place to park my car. I had to drive down the road, to an empty parking lot. I was hurrying out of the car, and began to run to the school, on my way there I saw a guy. I actually didn’t just see him, I actually bumped into him. “I’m sorry I said.” “Don’t say that. It wasn’t your fault.” With that he lifted up my chin, and looked deeply into my eyes. “I’m George.” He said. His voice is angel like and his brown curly hair was a mess, but it still looked beautiful. I just started at him. I mean who wouldn’t?

 “So… What’s your name, beautiful?” He asked. I started to blush, because I just realized that I had been staring at him. “Melanie.” I said, probably sounding like I didn’t know my name. 


(More is coming)

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