A shatterred mirror. Each piece smashed, scattered around. Different perspectives of the world, broken for different reasons and in their own way. Slowly and carefully, we must pick up the pieces, attempt to piece the mirror back together.
*contains swearing and adult topics*


1. Prologue

It's over now.

A cool wind blows through the house from the front door, left carelessly open. Broken glass is scattered across the dark wooden floor, a mother's prized vase smashed to pieces. Small brown stains soak slowly into the carpet, abandoned beer bottles and cups left on every surface.

People are everywhere; passed out, asleep or just lying there, staring blankly at the wall. Lying on the floor, leaning against walls, collapsed on sofas. There are small movements; a girl beginning to stir, a boy texting in the corner, the back door quietly opening as someone slips outside. The rooms are dark though, moonlight filtering through the thick layer of clouds, highlighting a few faces.

No face smiles, no mouth laughs. A few hours ago this house was filled with a heavy bass beat, people jumping in time with the music, dark liquid spilt carelessly from cups held in woozy hands, people sat in corners smoking. Just a distraction. No other way to forget their lives, they must block it out. Just for one night.

The party is over now.

They have to go back.

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