A shatterred mirror. Each piece smashed, scattered around. Different perspectives of the world, broken for different reasons and in their own way. Slowly and carefully, we must pick up the pieces, attempt to piece the mirror back together.
*contains swearing and adult topics*


3. Kai

Cold air hits his face as he opens the door at the back, knocking him back in surprise. He blinks slowly, rubbing his eyes, before moving forwards and out into the garden. There's a rusty gate at the end that he could get out of, then quickly go home. His body is slow and tired, brain fuzzy and filled with cotton wool. He shouldn't have had anything.

But he needs to get home, back to Lily, Jamie and Alfie. All alone in the house, in the dark. He's not even sure why he came. To forget it all?

He doesn't know.

"Mum, where are you going?" She paused as he stared at her, muscular arms folded over his chest. 

She turned around, bag clutched over her shoulder. "Over to Gary's. None of your business anyway, brat."

"How long for?"

"Why do I get the Spanish Inquisition? I don't know; a few days, a week." She examined her nails, feigning nonchalance.

He remained there, standing opposite her. "Give me some money for groceries."

"Fuck off, I need it."

Heels clicked across the floor as she opened the door and stepped outside. Her bag was bulky, clearly intended for a long stay. "You'd better come back," he warned.

"Y'know, at this rate, I might not!" She spat out the words spitefully, before continuing towards her car.

Was she joking? He wasn't sure. But that was the last time he'd seen her in a month.

Ever since then they'd had to hide from everyone. Neighbours, teachers, anybody. He'd even had to hide from his friends. Working at the local convenience after school had helped to pay for most of the food, and as they lived in a council flat they didn't have to pay rent. Lily had started up babysitting local children in the evenings, even though she wasn't old enough to work, also adding to the money. Food had been short, buying as cheap as they could, but they were all hungry. The little ones had forgotten about Mum by now, just turning him into their father. He kind of liked that.

He hasn't bothered to call his mother. She'd never come even if he did get hold of her. It isn't like she cares about them.

The gate creaks slightly as he pushes it open, the girl slumped against the wall ignoring him, end of her cigarette glowing in the dark. Beer bottles are scattered underfoot, he has to tread carefully to avoid them.

"Now remember, you have to give in your slip to go to the farm." He handed them the small pieces of paper as they stood outside the school gates, Lily already walking to the high school. 

They looked up at him, dark faces shining in the unseasonal sun. "But Mum was supposed to sign the form, it said. You can't do it, "Jamie said.

He sighed. "Don't worry, the school doesn't mind," he said. "Now, have a good day in school, and don't tell anyone."

Nodding, they waved goodbye as they walked inside the gates, before running off to meet their friends. As soon as he saw that they were safe, he ran off at a sprint. School had started five minutes ago, but he could probably make it to form without his teacher noticing. 

He'd only drunk to block out the worry constantly pounding at the back of his school, worry of being found out. He can't imagine the thought of being split up, taken away from his brothers and sister. That's the worst case scenario. 

But visions of the police pulling them apart fills his head, dragging them kicking and screaming away from one another, into separate foster and care homes.

He can't think about that any more.

He has to get home.

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