A shatterred mirror. Each piece smashed, scattered around. Different perspectives of the world, broken for different reasons and in their own way. Slowly and carefully, we must pick up the pieces, attempt to piece the mirror back together.
*contains swearing and adult topics*


2. Jenny

She is sprawled across the bathroom floor, cheek pressed to the edge of the cool bathtub, eyelids flickering as nightmares haunt her sleep. A sickly stench fills the room, rising from the yellow liquid filling the toilet bowl. Pale hair is stuck to her sweaty face, chipped nail varnish adorning her fingernails as her hands cling to the sink. The door is pushed shut.

He was pulling at her top, while she nervously looked at the door. "Come on, you'll enjoy it. I've done it before, it'll be fine."

"I don't want to, James." She pushed him away, folding her arms.

"Don't you love me?"

He was standing across the room, mirroring her position, face cold and hard. "Of course I do, you know that!"

"Then why won't you do it?"

"But-" She threw her arms in the air in exasperation. She didn't want to. Not tonight.

"If you don't love me, then..."

"This isn't-"

He walked towards the door, turning back towards her. "Maybe we're not meant for each other, then. Maybe I should just go."

"Please, come back." Traitorous tears slipped from her eyes, falling down her smooth cheeks.

"But you don't love me."

More fall, as he moved closer. "I do."

"Then do it."

He put his arm around her shoulder, placing a kiss to her cheek.

She sobbed, looking up at him with blurred eyes. She didn't want to lose him


Unlike the others, the recent emptying of her stomach is not due to the vast amounts consumed. In fact, she hasn't touched the stuff. The symptoms started a few days ago, just as the little box said it would. Throwing up in the mornings, stomach cramps. Everything she had feared.

Her nightmares are filled with faces, staring at her, laughing, mocking. Pointing at her bulging stomach. Then there's the hoarse shouting in the background; telling her she's worthless, a disgrace to the family. The worst voice out of them all.

He pushed at her chest, shoving her towards the open front door. "Get out!" 

"But Dad-"

"How could you do this to yourself? To us? To me?" 

Sobs racked her frame as she attempted to walk forwards, back into the house that had been her home for sixteen years. But she merely tripped over the step and fell to the ground.

Her mother stood behind her father, eyes blank as she stared at her broken daughter. "Mum?" Her hand shook as she held it up, praying for the cold woman to help her.

"Get out." A bag was thrust into her arms as she pushed herself up, rubbing her stomach, dark tears staining her baggy t-shirt.

Her voice broke as she shouted out. "Please?"

"Just get out."

Then there's another nightmare, different, but worse. The faces are gone, eyes staring back at the front of class, leaving her alone. But the body is there.

Small and broken, limbs twisted, face dead and cold. The eyes are the worst part; the whites, the irises, the pupils disappeared. All hidden in deep crimson blood. Blood-filled eyes, looking straight at her. The child she knows that she could kill, will murder. The body lies on each table, everywhere. She moans in her sleep, banging her head softly against the bath.

"You have to get rid of it." Her friend's voice was emotionless as she spoke, not knowing the impact her words would have.

Her hands automatically reached down to cradle her stomach, a small bulge only just visible through her vest. "I can't kill it. That's just murder."

"You can't look after it, not a whole baby. You're sixteen, for Christ's sake."

She looked up at her from her position on the bed. "But I can't get rid of it."

"Yes you can, it's easy. The doctors'll sort it out for you."

"It's murder."

She sighed, brushing her hair impatiently from her eyes. "I wasn't going to tell you this, but my parents are going to kick you out soon. You just can't stay here."

"I thought you were my friend!" She stood up, fists clenched at her sides. "Where am I going to go?"

She retaliated, stepping forwards and looking down at her, easily taller. "It's hardly my fault! But if you just got rid of it, then you could go back to your house. Your parents would take you back, I'm sure."

"You're throwing me out onto the streets? I'm pregnant!"

"Just get rid of it then!"

She gasps, her head flying up, eyes wide open, mouth gaping. A scream rips through her throat, strangled and twisted. Her throat moves quickly as she breathes heavily, staring at the faces looking back at her. The voice shouting. The body on the floor.

Then she falls back down, into another nightmare.

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