The change

A FanFiction, about how things can change fast from Good to Bad, or Bad to Good.
This girl meets Niall Horan, a regular guy, who changes her life forever.


2. The meeting

When I got home my mom was shaking trying to get up from bed, to give me a hug. I ran over to her, so she didn't start falling. I could feel her long sharp nails going into my skin while she was hugging me. All I ever wanted was a normal quite life like everybody else.

"Is he going to jail?" She asked with a shaky voice.

"I don't know mom. He is going in court." I said looking down at her falling smile.

She looked down, then up at me. She wrinkled her eyebrows and let her fingers slide over my scratches. I took her hand away, and shaked my head as it was nothing.

"I'm going out with some friends for some Nando's, do you want some?" I asked.

"Have at least two friends with you! And yes maybe a salad."

"Mom! I will come home with some lovely chicken and chips! You have to gain weight!" I said loud.

"But honey, it's just a little salad?"

"No mom! I don't wanna lose you!" I cried.

She didn't say anything. She just gave me some money, and looked down to the ground without looking at me at all.


We just got over to Nando's. Cathrine got us a table while I ordered. Behind me there was this hot guy. He had a red t-shirt on and some nice jeans. He had the prettiest blue eyes I've ever seen! They were crystel clear, and had a colour like the ocean. I stared for a thirty seconds until he said with a cheeky smile, "It's your turn to order." I started blushing and I was totally dying over his Irish accent.

"Chicken wrap, double potion of PERi-PERi chips, corn on the cob, 5 hot wings and three cokes, please." I ordered for me, Cathrine and my mom.

"Wow, that was a lot for a girl like you!" The guy behind me said and raised his eyebrows.

"Oh.. It's for my friend and mom too." I said and started blushing.

"Well, even if it was for you only it wouldn't matter... I eat the same, just for me" He said and gave me a wink.

"Sir, can you please order." Said the employed.

"Oh yeah of course! Nice to meet you.. uhhm... miss" He said and laughed.

I gave him a little smile, and walked over to Cathrine. His smile was so charming, he had crooked teeth, and it was a little shy looking. I sat down on the black hard chair, and whispered what the guy and I talked about.

"Sorry, can I sit here." A voice said from behind.

Cathrine started laughing so hard she almost fell to the floor. I turned my head, and there it was the charming shy smile.

"Uhhm, yeah... Sure!" I said, and I was sure my face was all red.

"So, where are you from?" He asked while eating.

"We are here from London" Cathrine replied.

I kicked her leg underneath the table, and gave her the "his mine!" look. Then I looked back at him and smile while asking where he was from.

"I'm from county westmeath Ireland, the city Mullingar." He smiled proud.

"So, are you here on some sort of vacation?" I asked interested.

"Yeah at a friend, uhhm, I'm done eating. It was nice talking too you!" He said and pushed his chair out.

Damn! What should I do now?

"Uhhm, can I get your number? I said desperately.

"Yeah sure! It's 845 004 9799."

"Thank you, maybe I'll see you around, bye." 

I looked at Cathrine, who was totally cracking!

"Can I get your number?" She said making fun of my desperate question.

I got home. I kicked of my converse and ran over to the kitchen to warm my mom's food. I got into the living room, where she was laying in the sofa watching TV. She took the food and looked down at it like it was trash, and then after a minut she started eating.

I sat up in my room, wondering if I would seem avid to write to him already.. I didn't even know his name! I looked out of my window watching the leaves fall down from the trees. I finally got the courage to text him. I slowly texted "Hi", like it was the biggest thing i've ever done. Few seconds later he wrote back, "Hi, I never got your name? ;)" I screamed down my pillow, happy for a hot guy finally was texting back. "My name is Evie, what is yours? :)" I couldn't stop smiling, thinking of his sexy sweet smile, and those shiny blue eyes. "Mine is Niall, so what are you girls up to for tomorrow. Me friend and I are going out to dive, wanna come?" Now I didn't only scream into my pillow. I couldn't stop screaming so the hole house was shaking. "Well, I can just ask her, I'll write back in five seconds." "Okay :)" 

I called her as fast as I could and screamed into the phone that we should out diving tomorrow. "Me and my friend Cathrine will come tomorrow. Where are we meeting?" I asked. "We can meet in the London aquarium." He wrote. "Sounds great. See you tomorrow :)"

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