The change

A FanFiction, about how things can change fast from Good to Bad, or Bad to Good.
This girl meets Niall Horan, a regular guy, who changes her life forever.


7. Surprice

I couldn't stop thinking of Niall, I lay on my stomach in my bed, with my legs crossed up in the air. 

I looked underneath my bed, and found my old diary.


Dear Diary,

Today I drove for the first time, I drove into a lamppost.. I can get my license in two weeks. So excited! :D

Love  Evie .x


Oh God, I haven't wrote in this since I was 16, I remember this like it was yesterday. I was going to take my driver license, and I got it. Then I lost it a few weeks later, because of Dave. He had just been into a big fight and he almost killed that poor guy, so I had to drive as fast as I could. Then of course the police showed up and they cutted my driver license. I can get it back when I have money enough, which means never.


I wrote down in my diary - 

Dear Diary

Long time no see? - I have just met this incredible boy called Niall, at first I didn't really want to go out with him.. but I did it for Cathrine's sake. She wouldn't have talked to Alistair. She isn't that good with boys, and Niall is very cute. He and I just went to the rollercoaster park. He paid, cause I still don't have any money, or job. Who would hire a dirty 19 year old girl? Thank you for letting me write inside you Diary, it's nice to have someone to talk to. Not that Cathrine or Niall are bad company, they just don't understand what it feels like..

Love Evie .x


I thought I still wanted that sweet "Love Evie" ending. I took the key to my diary, and putted it inside my jewelry box. I loved to have secrets, and to be mysterious. Even though Cathrine is my best friend, I do have secrets for her. I had a lot of secrets with Dave, that I wouldn't ever tell anyone. 

"Hey Evie, look outside your window" Niall texted me and I could feel a calm and excitement in my stomach. I looked out of my window, and to my disapointment I didn't see Niall, just some post man. 

I went downstairs and he had some packages for me. I signed the paper and ran up to my room again.

I opened the first one and my face began to light up. He gave me a trip for four people. Of course he thought I should take him, Cathrine and Alistair with me, but I just couldn't let my mom be home alone. I placed the trip on my bed and took the next package up. It was a necklace with the writing that said "Girl" I saw that it missed some letters, but I didn't think much over it. 

I took the last package. It was a very small and flat one. I was very carefull since it was that small, it was a piece of red paper with a big Nando's chicken on it. I turned it around and then I read "Gift card for Nando's on 80£" I started laughing so hard I almost shit myself. 

I didn't just text Niall, but thought I would go over to Alistair, where Niall should be. 


I went to the front door, and rang the bell, a tall guy with black hair came out of the door. It was Alistair. 

"Hey, what are you doing here?" Alistair asked me. 

"Niall has sent me some gifts and I just wanted to thank him personal."

"I hope it was a  cheap ride over here, cause Niall isn't here anymore." Alistair said and looked at me like, this was just something I had to know.

"But where is he then, can I get the address?" 

"Yeah sure" he said with a smirk. "124 Raithin Rd Mullingar, Ireland" he said as he looked at my mouth there was standing wide open.

"But why didn't he say goodbye?" I said looking sad into the ground.

Alistair fast took me into him to comfort me. "He sent you those gifts! I didn't get anything, and he stayed at my place through the intire time." Alistair said with a little smile on his face. 

I wanted to call Niall, but I didn't have the money, and I just stood there at Alistairs front door, as he stood there looking down at me. 

"What did he give you?" Alistair asked.

A necklace, a giftcard  to Nando's" I said and started laughing. "And then a trip for four people." I said and stopped laughing.

"Sweet heart, think. Why would he give you a trip, if he wasn't on that trip. He actually told me, he wanted to show you Ireland." Alistair said and gave me a wink. I gave Alistair a big hug, and asked him if he would join me on my trip to Ireland, and of course he would. I gave him a goodbye hug, and said I would call him about further details.

I took the first train back, and went over to Cathrine's house.

I knocked on the door desperately waiting for her to come out so I could give her a hug. 

She came out and I told her the hole story, as she started laughing at me. She went into the living room to ask her mom for permission to go to Ireland with me. Her mom said yes, but only if an adult was going to Ireland with us, and then it hit me. Niall knew that I couldn't travel without my mom, so he gave me an extra ticket for my mom. My heart started pumping even faster from the excitement and happiness. 

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