The change

A FanFiction, about how things can change fast from Good to Bad, or Bad to Good.
This girl meets Niall Horan, a regular guy, who changes her life forever.


6. Second "date"

I woke up at 5 AM. Totally overthinking. 

I think too much, and then I get myself in a bad mood. What if Niall doesn't like me? 

My feelings for Niall was growing bigger, only by one date. 

"Thanks for yesterday, I had a great time with you :) x" Niall texted.

"Thanks, I had too. We must do it again :)" I could feel my cheeks getting red and my stomach started feeling weird.. but in a good way. Niall made me feel so good. When I were with him, nothing could harm me. He was like my little guardian angel. 

'Niall the Angel' I wrote in my phone notes. I went downstairs eating some breakfast. We didn't have a lot in the refrigerator. There was some beers and other sorts of alcohol, and a spot of milk. For breakfast I got a slice of bread and the milk. I looked down my body, watching the ruined pants and my now skin/brown shirt. Once it was white, but when you sleep with a shirt every night and don't have money for a washing machine it turns dirty. I couldn't believe why a nice clean guy like Niall would fall for a girl like me. I was a big hot mess. A mess that only made troubles and got the people she loved most in trouble. 

*Ding Dong*

"Honey, do you open the door please" My mom yelled from the living room. 

I ran down the stairs to get the door.

"Well hello, you were much faster running down the stairs today" The irish guy looked at me giving me a cheeky smile. 

"Well yeah.. So what are you doing here?" I asked embarrased.

"Just wanted to hang out" He said stepping a bit closer inside.

I took out my arm to gesture him inside. I took his blue jacket and then we went upstairs. I lay in my bed taking my blanket all over my body, just letting my head out. Niall came over and sat on the bed. He asked if we could go to the rollercoaster park. 

In the beginning I said no, cause I don't have the money for that kind of stuff, but Niall said he would pay. 


After a long car ride with silence, but laughter we finally arrived. Niall went over to the desk asking for two adult tickets. We went inside and Niall found his pocket. I got confused, what should he use his wallet for now, we were in. 

Then he took my hand and dragged me over to the carnival side of the park, and bought 5 balls. 

He had to get 3 of them through a hole, for the lowest price, and alll five for the biggest. 

After he got 4 he turned around facing me and looked straight into my eyes, and I could see his blue orbs getting smaller and the black getting bigger as he said "I'm gonna win you a teddy bear, and then at night when you can't sleep.. hold it tight and remember this moment." Then he turned around and to throw the ball, and hit straight through the hole. I started cheering and gave him a big hug, and then he gave my a big blue teddy bear. 

"I will name it Niall" I said looking at his hand and wrapped it around mine. Then he gave me a shy smile showing his teeth. 

We went over to the ghost house. There were cobweb all over the place, and a zombie jumbed up in my head, as I fast took my arms around Niall for protection. There were this man going behind the wagon and he touched my hair all the time. I could feel him slowly taking his rough hand down my back. It was so creepy and overwhelming. I had willies all over my body, but Niall could sense it and started holding me tighter into his warm body. 

We got out of the ride, and went over to get a candyfloss. Niall took some of his candyfloss on his fingers and made me suck it of from his fingers. I could sense on Niall that it tickled him, and I gave him some of mine. 

We went into his black vehicle. He drove me home, and we did the same as yesterday and gave eachother  kiss on the cheek and a hug. 

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