The change

A FanFiction, about how things can change fast from Good to Bad, or Bad to Good.
This girl meets Niall Horan, a regular guy, who changes her life forever.


4. In the house

Niall took of my black leather jacket, and then gave it to Alistair who just took of Cathrine's jacket. I wondered what we was gonna do. We didn't talk very good, yet, without somebody who fell, so we could laugh. Maybe I should just fall to get the attention, or to light up their faces to laughter. Niall showed us the way into the living room, while Alistair went into the kitchen, maybe to make us some food. I could hear Alistair's voice talking on the phone.

"I'm ordering pizza what do you guys want?" He asked holding his hand over the phones microphone. 

We all ordered the same, a salad pizza with kebab. 

"It seems like we pretty much have the same taste in food" He said looking at me with a shy smile.

"Yeah, so what is your totally favourite kind of food?" I asked.

"Well, that must be... Uh, this is a hard question.. I think it's mexican food." He said looking at me, then saying that it was my turn to say what mine was.

"Well, mine must be mexican or italian." I said.

He smiled so much his lips almost touched his ears. I was happy we at least had something in commen. I sat in the other end of the sofa than Niall. Cathrine was on my left and Niall on my right. I took my phone up, thinking of a way to have an excuse to go over and sit next to him. But he thought about it before me, and went over to me to look what I was doing with my phone. We sat like that for a while watching me playing Subway surf, and waiting for the pizza to come. 

"Finally" Niall and Alistair said. We heard their stomachs rumble. Alistair got out to the frontdoor and grabbed the pizzas. 

Alistair sat on the chair towards us. As we ate our great pizzas, we started talking about how we should get home and when. I looked at Alistair who was making a weird face to Niall, like they were having a secret conversation. 

"So... I have to buy some grocery stuff for tomorrow where I actually will be cooking." Alistair said with a cheeky smile looking in Cathrine's direction. "And I don't want to go alone, and I can't let you two girls be alone in my apartment... So Cathrine will you please join me?" He said giving her a wink in mine and Niall's direction. She looked at me with a big smile on her face. "Well sure, you need to have someone strong with you, who can handle the bags" She said smiling to Alistair who started laughing. 

Niall took his arm around me to reach the remote. In just a second I thought he was flirting and making that "I'm tired, I'm putting my arm around you" thing.. But he was just reaching after the remote. I was actually kind of happy he didn't went for the flirting thing already.. I wasn't ready for a relationship yet. My last one was a disaster! He zapped through all the channels until he got to a horror movie.

"Oh my God, how I just love horror movies" He said sneaking closer to me.

I didn't know what to do with myself. I wasn't ready for a new relationship! But Niall, his wonderful fantastic blue eyes was distracting my power over my lust of his rose lips. He leaned over me. Was he going to kiss me? Already? I tooted my lips and closed my eyes, ready to feel his soft wet lips against mine. But then after a few seconds I looked up wondering where his lips was. Then I saw right into Niall's blue confused orbs. 

"What are you doing?" He asked making a little grin. 

"Uhhm, I-I I was about to... uhhm... whistle! It's this weird habit of mine.." I said looking down embarrassed. 

"Haha! That's okay.. I have this habit of dancing this cool Irish dance, when I'm in public." He said laughing. 

"Well are you good at it?" I asked challenging.

Then he fast stood up. Took his hands behind his bag and started dancing. I couldn't stop giggling. I began to stand up and clap, to show him that he was pretty good.

"Wanna learn it?" He asked with a glimt in his eyes and a cheeky smile. I went over by his side and started to try dance proudly, as he started laying on the floor of laughter. 

"Then come up, and teach me!" I said hoping he could understand it. I was laughing so hard so my language wasn't very good. 

He just stood up and tried teach me the basic steps. Then half an hour later, when we lay on the floor almost dying of laughter, Cathrine and Alistair came home. They looked at each other making signs that there job here was done. The clock started ringing saying it was turned ten. Cathrine and I made a little sad face looking at the boys making the same face expression to us. Alistair went out in the kitchen to get his keys, and then we all went out to the car. There was a bit silence in the car at first, but then Alistair turned up the radio when "We're the kids in America" came up. We all sang so our throats dried out. We all laughed and then my favorite song came up, "So Sick" and Niall started singing the song with the sound of an angel. Cathrine and I looked at eachother and made our mouths form the word "Faith". I started screaming to myself. Like was this real? My life was so damaged, and then this random guy from a line makes it much better!

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