The change

A FanFiction, about how things can change fast from Good to Bad, or Bad to Good.
This girl meets Niall Horan, a regular guy, who changes her life forever.


1. Ex

He took my hand, as he pulled me up the wall. He hold my shoulder with one hand and my hip with the other. He pressed me hard up the wall as I tried to get away from him. He had a smile, on his face that turned into dark laughter.

"Don't you think you can just leave me, like I was a jerk!" He shouted into my face.

I tried to bite him, but he just started laughing like this was some sort of game. It was dark and I tried to scream for help, but he just whispered into my ear

"No one can hear you sweetie."

I lift my hand and slapped his cheek red. He looked angry, and pushed me into the wall again. He started kissing my neck, and as soon as he was all over it, I took my phone, and called my best friend Cathrine. I didn't take it up to my mouth. I just hold it down my hip and looked down to see when she answered. 

"I AM AT PETERSBOURG STREET, 100! HELP!" I shouted hoped for her to come or call the cops. He hurried to take his big hand over my mouth. He took his other hand around my wrist as he took it up to see my phone. He hold very tight around my wrist, and made me throw my phone to the ground. I almost died inside watching my expensive phone smashed into small pieces of glas. Suddently I saw a lot of blue and red lights just around the corner, but he didn't notice as he was busy licking my neck. 

"Police! Slowly let go of the girl!" A police man said, with a surtain calm in his voice.

"Ahh, so that was what you did with your phone" He said, as he let go of me. 

Then I saw Cathrine running over to me and hugged me very tight like she was gonna lose me. She glanced down my body. She looked worried at some scratches I had by my eyes. 

"Don't worry I'll be fine! Really it's nothing." 

I could see in her eyes that she wasn't totally convinced, but just nodded and let that one pas by. She drove me home. She said in the car that she called my mom on the way over with the police. Suddently we saw the policecar with Dave inside. He looked at me and made his mouth form the sentence of "I'll come back for you!" I took Cathrine's hand and squeezed it into my body. I was so scared. 

I had a heavy bagage from my past. It all started when I met Dave at a club. He was very polite, until he took me to a corner in the club, and gave me some drugs. I was totally drunk, so I took it. I got into rehab. Now I have rent, and an ex-boyfriend who is chasing me for money, and some extra. My mom and Cathrine are the only once knowing. My dad died when I was four and my mom got a eating disorder, and got weaker and weaker. She lays in her bed every night, waiting for the big shiny light to come grab her. 

I need Cathrine and her family to survive.

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