The change

A FanFiction, about how things can change fast from Good to Bad, or Bad to Good.
This girl meets Niall Horan, a regular guy, who changes her life forever.


3. Diving

I walked down the street, going in a fast pace. I had to get over to Cathrine's house as soon as possible. We needed to talk about what I choosed to call a dobbledate. Of couse I got the cute guy, and Cathrine got the blind date. She was up in the window looking for me, as I started waving ridiculously much. She saw me standing down there looking like a retard smiling and waving. She started laughing and fell to the ground in laughter. A minut later she was still giggling, but managed to take my jacket and hang it up. I took her wrist and dragged her upstairs so her parents couldn't hear us. Not that is was that much of a secret. I just thought that the boy talking should be privat. 

"So we shall meet them tomorrow at the Aquarium, and I actually know his name!" I started scream with my mouth closed. It was the first date I wasn't forced to go to. With Dave everything was so diffrent from Niall. He seemed sweet, but who knows what is underneath? But I couldn't care less. I've been with Dave he can't be worse than him. 

"OH MY GOD! What is it?!" 

"It's Niall, isn't it sweet?"

"I hope his friend has a cute name as well." She said giving me a cheeky smile.

We went to her closet to pick her some clothing. She went for the red tank top and some lightblue jeans. Very casual, specially to what I was wearing. I went for the tight skirt ballerina shoes and a sweet flower top, but Niall seemed like that type so I went with my stomach feelings and did the more formal first date clothing. 


Cathrine and I was at the Aquarium some minuts after time. Hoping not to look too desperat. We went down the hall as I saw a guy with blond hair and nice jeans. I went over to him and poked him on the shoulder, hoping to look into Niall's big blue orbs as he turned around. It was him, and I stared into his beautiful blue eyes. 

"Hi" He said, poking his friend on the shoulder to turn around facing me.

"Hi my name is.." The friend cutted me of and said "Yeah, Niall told me about you, Evie" He said and made a big smile, as Niall started blushing.

"Oh some nice stuff I hope." I said while taking my hair behind my ear.

I turned around facing Cathrine standing waiting to get the wink to come over. I gave her the wink,and she almost ran her way threw the people standing in line to get tickets. 

"Hi I'm Cathrine, you must be Niall" She said pointing her finger on his chest. "And then you must be the friend... what's your name?" She said smiling. I poked her in her weighst, to show her I knew she thought he was a catch. 

"My name is Alistair." He said smiling, with a wonderful british accent.

We went over to the line. There was a lot of awkward silence until Cathrine decided to go grab a coke in the cafeteria, as she fell over a mans foot and landed as long as she was. I ran over to her and I felt down to but I felt of laughing. As we lay on the ground laughing I heard Niall's fantastic laugh. It was cutest laugh I've ever heard. I pulled myself together to stand up. I grabbed Cathrine's hand and pulled her up, stil laughing, we went over to the boys.

"Didn't you go for a coke?" Alistair said while giggling.

"Well, I'm scared of the man's feet" She said whispering and giggling. 

We started laughing looking at the man. It turned to be our turn in the line, and Niall ordered four diving suits. He got a number that we should use to get to the dressing room. 

I stood in a minut and thought of the dressing room. Should we dress up with each other? Should we already watch each other half naked?! 

"Uhmm, Niall?" I asked quitly and amazed of the fact that he still heard me.

"Yeah?" He said and glanced down at me.

"Are we going have same dressing room?" I asked shy.

"Well, we can say you and Cathrine go in first and then me and Alistair go in afterwards?" He said.

I said yes, and got into the dressing room with Cathrine. As we got out the boys went in. Few minuts later they came out again, and Niall had the top of the suit down his hips so I could see his pale, trained stomach. I almost started to drool. 

We were standing in front of the big fish bowl. I saw the small sharks and fish. The employee turned his back against the water and leaned down and made himself fall into the water. 

I saw Niall slowly turn around looking behind him before closing eyes and putting his diving mask on, then he let himself fall down in the water. Alistair did the same just a lot faster. Cathrine got in a little later, then going into the same direction as Alistair did, and then they started talking. I saw a shark swimming around in circles just some meters away. I was so scared my legs were shaking and everything got blurry. I pulled myself together, but I didn't do as the others, I just jumped right into it. The employee swam fast in my direction. 

"You can't do that! You could have fallen because of the flippers!" He said angry.

"I'm sorry I didn't know. I just couldn't see the shark, and I was scared it would come before I jumped!" I said whining.

Then he swam away and showed us the signs we should use under the water. 

It was amazing to swim under the water. All the beautiful colours and flowers, and of course the fish! They were so beautilful and in almost every colour. Niall swam down to the bottom of the aquarium, and picked up a flower and gave it to me. I got eye contact with Cathrine and pointed at the flower. I knew she would have formed an "O" with her mouth if she could. After an hour was pasted and the employee made the "You have to get up" sign, and we all got up and changed into our normal clothing. 

"Soo, Evie and Cathrine, wanna come eat something at my place" Alistair asked while pinching Niall in the leg. 

"Yeah! That sounds nice." Cathrine fast said, almost shouted.

"I just have to call my mom, Cathrine will you just join me for a second" I said looking sharp at her.

I took her hand, and dragged her over to the corner. I called my mom, and she wasn't very happy about it, but i truly understanded her. I just got out of a relationship, where the guy beat me.. But I really thought Niall was sweet, and Cathrine needed a boyfriend and Alistair seemed very nice too! So I convinced her and gave Cathrine a little hug while she made a little scream into my ear. We walked over to the guys and said that we could go, but we didn't know how to get home. Then Alistair said that he had a driving licens and a car, so he could drive us home. It seemed like Alistair liked Cathrine, so I didn't want to be the reason why she didn't go.

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