What's underneath?

This is about a girl, living with the big boyband One Direction.
She loves Harry, and she was/is a directioner. The lucky girl who is Harry's girlfriend, but she gets hate from other directioners and she tries to handle it.... But it's hard!
Is she going to surrvive? I haven't found out yet, but you can help me getting the motivation to write some more if you rate it? :D Thanks!
Hope you like it, yet there's not much yet ;D <3 x


1. The first concert

Paul came into the into the room. I gave Harry a last kiss before he had to go to the stage. I went over to Perrie. 
"So how are you, Gabriella?" Perrie asked. 
"I'm good.. Better!" I replied looking into Perrie's big blue eyes and then fast to the ground. 
"So you have been with Zayn for almost a year, how is it to go around in public and all the girls screaming?" I said looking worried at Perrie.
"Well, it's very annoying in the beginning, but you get used to it. Don't worry, the fans might have his heart on stage but behind he's all yours." She said with a little smile, watching me getting a little smile on my face. 
I went to the bathroom checking her make-up for the paparazzi. She could feel her legs shake. I had difficulty breathing and began to groan after air. 
Perrie and Danielle ran into the bathroom. They glanced down the floor, and then Perrie threw herself to the ground. She pulled me into herself and listened for a heartbeat. It was there, and I slowly opened my eyes. I could see a blurry shadow of Perrie. 
"What happend?" I looked at Perrie asking.
"You fainted, you are okay. But I think we need to get your blood sugar tested."
"Oh no, I hate needles." I said looking to the ground.


I lay in a hospital bed, waiting for the insulin. I heard some running steps from the hall as I saw a shadow with beautiful curls go into her room. 
"I drove here as fast as I could" Harry said breathing for air, after running. 
"I just had a low blood sugar" I said looking a Harry with a shy smile. 
I could see he was worried. He took his head down to my forhead and kissed it softly. His curls began to tickle her, and she started giggling. I took his head down to face mine and started kissing his wet lips, as his tounge pressed my lips open.
The doctor came in with the insulin. Harry turned around he didn't want to see the needle touch me. I made a little scream come out of her dry throat. 
An hour later I came out of the hospital, holding Harry's hand. We got blind by the paparazzi's cameras.
"So Harry is this your girlfriend?" All the paparazzi said talking at each other. 
"YES! GABRIELLA IS MY GIRLFRIEND!" He shouted so the hole hospital could hear him. 
I was so happy to finally get it confirmed. 
We ran over to Harry's Range Rover and drove to his place, hoping they escaped the paparazzi. I still couldn't see very well from all the lights, but Harrys dark curls and green orbs, I couldn't get my eyes away from him. 
He stared at me with a little smile "Don't disctract me with your beautiful eyes while I'm driving" he said laughing with a cheeky smile, as his dimples showed up.
I could not help but love everything about him. His eyes that made you feel like you were in heaven every time you got eye contact, and his soft rose lips that was perfectly wet and moist - and at last, his wonderful curls that was a perfect match for his skinny head.
I stopped looking at him, then at the road instead. I could see my house just around the corner. I didn't wanna go away from him, even though it was only one night.
"So, do you wanna sleep at my place?" I said still staring at the road.
"Well, I can just call the lads." He said looking at me with a smile. 
We got over to the door, I fumbled with the keys while listening to Harry grinning in the background. I took his jacket and hung it up. He was already upstairs when I was done. I got into my room looking at the Harry Styles poster on my wall. I started blushing looking at Harry who just got out of the bathroom.
"You can take down the poster, you have he real deal now." He said looking at me and giving me a wink. 
I went over to my wall to get down the poster, when I found out that I couldn't reach it. I went over to my desk to get the chair, but then Harry stopped me. 
"No, I can give you a lift up?" 
I placed the chair again as I went over to Harry.
He placed his big warm hands around my waist. 
"I'm sure 'poster Harry' couldn't do this." 
"No, but I don't think he would want me to put him down, in the first place." I said.
Then he turned me around putting me down on the bed.

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