What's underneath?

This is about a girl, living with the big boyband One Direction.
She loves Harry, and she was/is a directioner. The lucky girl who is Harry's girlfriend, but she gets hate from other directioners and she tries to handle it.... But it's hard!
Is she going to surrvive? I haven't found out yet, but you can help me getting the motivation to write some more if you rate it? :D Thanks!
Hope you like it, yet there's not much yet ;D <3 x


2. Flashback

He lay over me as his big hands got under my shirt, pulling it of. He started kissing my stomach softly and made his way up to my mouth. His beatiful lips against mine. 
He took his wet tounge out spreading my lips. He started kissing my neck leaving small love bites. Then he made his way up to my ear, and began nibble my ear gently. I started moaning, as I heard a little smirk. Then he let his hand slide down to my clutch. He kissed my neck, and I couldn't stop moaning, by his gently touches. 

I was laying in bed with one of the most wanted guys in the world, and he was all mine. This was what I've always dreamed of in my bed while reading "Dark". The way he should give me those love bites, and push everyone away who annoyed me, even just a little. The way he should be tough and fight for me. Harry wasn't like that, at all! Except the love bites, but this was even better. His was a dream come true. I could play with his curls, letting them slip through my fingers. I was friends with Danielle, Eleanor and Perrie. Crazy I once gave them hate. I feel so guilty. The way it all started with Harry, it was a miracle!


The meeting with Harry 2 years ago (Flashback)


"Oh my God! We are going to the One Direction concert!" I said to my friend, Sarah.

"Yeah!" She screamed into my ear. 

We were standing in line waiting to get into the big hall on our front row seats. It was crazy. Being in the same room with One Direction. Listen to their voices. Breathing the same air, maybe even getting eye contact with one of them. 

We got in and sat on our seats waiting for the sound of footsteps going to the stage.

"Vas Happenin' Londooon?!" Zayn yelled through the hall. Everybody started screaming and it was just crazy.

They started singing "Last First Kiss" and that was when Harry and I got eye contact. We stared at each other for some seconds when Louis ran into him, saying "Harry you drool!" Harry started smirking, and Louis looked down at me giving me a wink. When the song was finished, Niall got over to where I was and sat down on the stage. 

"So what's your name, love?" He said giving the microphone to Paul, so he could give it to me.

"Oh my God" I said quietly. "My name is Gabriella." I said looking Niall right in the big blue eyes. 

Then Louis came. "So Gabriella, how would you feel going on the stage?" 

"I would love to!" I said deperate. "Well that's too bad! Cause you can't, Paul here is a little strict." Louis said laying his arm around Paul. 

I saw Harry running over to the corner of embarrassment. 

I thought to myself "maybe I should be diffrent from all the other fans."

"Why are you hidding Harry?" I asked with a little smirk. The other boys started laying on the ground of laughter. 

"Well, we have to get on with the show. Harry get over here Lads, and let's sing the next song" Liam said.

"Okay, Daddy Payne. We're comming" Louis said. 


The concert was done, and all of the girls came over to me after watching me on the big screen making Mr. Styles embarrased. 

Then someone pulled my arm to the dark corner. There was a shadow, who had beautiful curls and a cheeky smile.

"So, Gabriella. I have to go, but here you have my number. Do not give it to anyone!" He said and left.

I started screaming, when he walked away. I just got Harry Styles' number. I took the train home, and kicked of my Converse, and let myself fall down to my pillow screaming some more. I looked up at my Harry Styles poster, starting kissing it. But should I write to him? No, I had to play hard. I am not like all the other fans, I said to myself. 

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