I hate you

Blurb: When I meet One direction in my house. I get mad. I hate them. I wonder what they'll do when Ice queen shows up. In stead of a screaming fan.


2. So you alone?

Once I was all ready I went down stair. But stopped at the door way. A man staring at me, dressed in suit. I looked behind him and saw the door on the ground. I noitced the knife at my heart, prising my skin. I moved so quickly, he didn't know what, had happen untill I fliped him over. Now I was the one with the knife, and holding it at his heart. "So, you alone?" He nodded. "Boys! Elena! Come and meet someone!" They came in laughting. Untill they saw me with a knife. "Can someone flick a coin." I looked the man in the eye. "Heads you dead. Tails you're in jail." Elena fliped the coin.

"Heads!" She yelled, the man glupped, fire in his eyes. I bent my mouth to his ear.

"Time to die." I said it just loud enough, for them to hear. I sat upstriaght. I rasied the knife up a bit. "Go burn in hell." I killed him. I stood up, knife still I my hand. "Follow me." Elena was the first to follow I got pillows and blancks. Locked all the windows the doors once no one was in them, then I went down stairs in the kichten. I gave everyone a knife. I put everyone one in the sitting room then fixed the door and pull some stronger codes and locks on them. When everyone was in the sitting room, Elena and me got food and put it all on a table out of the way. "Seven in two days." I thought aloud.

"What!" Zayn stood up.

"Zayn you're going to have to trust us, OK?" I said.

"Then tell us everything about all of this." Said curly.

"OK." Me and Elena said. We tolded them everything. Some people have wonted us dead since we were born, I told them how instead of having a rattle for a toy I had a knife and I could use one since I could walk. And how my mam had died trying to look after me fighting for me to live. And when they almost killed me, I killed them. In the end of trusting them, they were left speechless. Untill Liam asked "Why do they what you two dead?" He mumbeled the last word.

"No one knows."

"Is that why you said she was dangerous." Louis asked Elena. She nodded. "Anything, else you lied to us about?"

"Umm yeah." I said they all looked at me "When Elena said about her ex cheater, we made that lie up together. What really happened was, when Elenas ex broke up with her they got attacked by five people, and when she said that I helped her through her break up and saved her life. And I gave her ex scar down his face."

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