I hate you

Blurb: When I meet One direction in my house. I get mad. I hate them. I wonder what they'll do when Ice queen shows up. In stead of a screaming fan.


3. 128+5= 133 camaras around the house

"Let me in!" Someone yelled. I woke up, not making a sound I woke everybody else up they got the knifes, I got my gun, Elena got hers. She nodded. I opened the door. "Dad!" I let out a sigh of relief.

"Lola! Elena!" He pulled us into a bare hug. He looked at the floor he seen the dead body and the blood. "I'm guessing heads?"

"Yep." I saw curly looking at me. "It's OK, boys." All the boys stepped out of the shawdows. My dad looked at me and Elena. We nodded. "Good job. Time to rehearse!"

"Me and Lola, are going camara checking!"


After about 3 hours, me and Elena had shared our biggest darkest secerts and found 128 camaras hiden around the house. We went to the bassment, and found 5 other camaras, we have looked at every inch of the house. Elena lives at our house, unless shes at her boyfriends. The first time she had meet him, she told me about her going to his for the first time ever, so we snuck in at middnight and placed camaras around the house. And once we knew he wasn't a bad guy we took them down, most of them anyways.



We were all sitting down on the sofa, well, everyone but me. And dad is at work. Again. I was in my room. Looking at my spy shit. Guns and more guns, knifes and swords, gases that can kill. The moey that my mum left me, £30,000 I'm giving it to my childeren. Well, half is it, half it is Elena she doesn't even know that she's got £15,000. I put on some mucis, and put it up really loud. It was Leave me alone (I'm lonely by P!nk. I closed my secrects and money. I closed my eyes, and sung a long to the mucis.

"Go away give me an chance to miss you.

Say goodbye make me wanna kiss you.

I love you so much more more when you're not here,

Watchin' all the bad shows

Drinkin' al of my beer."

I screamed someone had picked me up. I got them on the floor, I held a knife to there throat, before I had even opened my eyes. It was curly. "Fuck you!" I put the knife back under my pillow. He's lucky I didn't get the gun. I got up. "Shit I forgot." Elena said. "Wait you knew that she sleeped with a knife!"

"I though it was only a pocket knife." I lifted up my pillow. It showed 3 guns 2 pocket knifes and I put back the knife I had. "Why?"

"Long story, story put short. I got attacked the other day by a robber not anything different. So I upgrade it." I put the pillow how it was.

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