Tipping Point

Jesse has lived with her mum since she was 4. Her dad had wrecked her life before so when her mum suddenly dies she has to go and live with her dad. Its obvious he doen't want her there so she runs away and finds herself in the hands of a very handsome gentleman.


1. My Life.

"Jesse tea time" I heard mum shout from downstairs. I wondered what it was tonight. My mum made lovely teas all of the time. "Spaghetti Bolognase and Garlic Bread, yumm" I said. I lived with only my mum. Her and dad had split up when I was four, I don't remember him that much to be honest but I've heard about him from various people. He was always drunk. Always. He used to come home from the pub and hit my mum. All the time. She used to put up with it. I look up to her for that. She says it was because she grew up without a dad and she wanted to make sure I always had one around me. I don't know why, we've done fine. But the real tipping point of it all was when he hit me. I still have  scar, right above my eyebrow. Thats when mum left him. She loved him but couldn't live around him. I have seen him since, when he trys to see me but both times he messed up and started yelling. Apparently he's changed now, he's got another wife and two more kids, twins in fact. I would love to meet them but I don't see that happening any time soon. Anyway as I was eating tea I was watching my mum in the kitchen. Suddenly I couldn't see her anymore. Then I heard the bang of my mums head on the counter. I ran to the kitchen to se what had happened she was lay there on the floor. Bleeding from her head. Even though she looked so peaceful I new something was wrong. I picked up the phone and dialled 999. "Ambulance please!" I called into the phone "23 Elmond Grove, my mum has fainted and hit her head on the worktop, she's unconcious!" Tears were pouring from my eyes now. Was she going to be alright? Why had his happened? What was going to happen?

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