In The Sky

Was the sixteen year old Izalla the chosen one? *For the branching competition*


1. In The Sky

Did she really do that? Izalla wondered. She was scared yet anxious, how could a sixteen year old like her could do something like that? Suddenly she started hearing a known melody. It was a lullaby which her father used to sing to her when she was a kid. She closed her eyes and tried focusing on the tune. Izalla couldn’t recall the words but she knew the tune very well, so she started humming along with it. The thought of where the music was coming from did not cross her mind at all. She just closed her eyes and hummed along with the nostalgic melody. At least she realized she did miss her dad. It was another half an hour before the train would arrive in London so she let the darkness take her over and she fell into a silent sleep.


 Izalla was a wonderful artist. She always had her sketch pad and her pencils with her. Whenever her palms started itching she knew it was her time to draw. Her drawings and paintings were never ordinary. She made drawings of beasts and demons. They were very disturbing yet extraordinary at the same time. She knew she was something special, something different. Izalla always had these weird dreams about her slaying beasts and saving some kingdom. But, she could never relate them with anything other than her drawings.


 Suddenly Izalla’s hands started to itch very badly and she woke up from her sleep. Unluckily, this time, she didn’t have her sketch pad with her. She just had a pencil. She quickly, took a tissue and started sketching.


This announcement is for the passengers who will be getting off at London. You will reach your destination in ten minutes. We hope you had a wonderful time. Thank you for traveling with us”

Someone announced through the microphone.


Izalla’s hands were moving faster than ever. Soon her sketching stopped and she gasped at what she had drawn. It was the same hieroglyph that she saw in the sky minutes ago. But this time something else was surrounding it. She looked closely at it and realized that some words were written. Her jaw dropped seeing the scattered words. She couldn’t believe what was written around the hieroglyph.

You are the selected one. Only you can save us”


Selected one? Save us? What does it mean’ Izalla wondered to herself.


She closed her eyes and took a breath in. It always helped her calm down when she was panicking. As soon as she closed her eyes, the puzzle pieces fell into their places and she knew her father was the one who could give her all the answers she wanted. She was very close to knowing what was happening with her and why she was having all those dreams.


Soon the train stopped at the station and Izalla got off the train. She looked up at the sky trying to figure out any possible message her father may have given like she always used to do. She could make out a few abstract patterns. But when she was about to look down and walk away she flicked on last glance at the sky and was terrified to see the words.

“They are coming for you.”  She instantly knew its meaning wasn’t something pleasant and that she had to find her dad as quickly as possible. She looked down and went toward the waiting point to look for her father, with those five words circling her mind.


“They are coming for you”.

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