Safehouse- A Harry Styles fanfiction

Bo Grace Ellis was your average teenager. Hanging out with friends, complaining about homework and school. But that all changed when she woke up on a deserted street surrounded with flesh eating creatures. She was lost and confused, until a tall, dark curly haired boy named Harry Styles saved her.

Deep down Bo knew she had feelings for this boy. But did he feel the same? Of course not. A tall blonde girl named Taylor swift might have something to do with that.

Will Bo find her family? Will her and Harry get a chance at love? But most of all, would they make it out of this apocalypse alive?

(Some of these characters are from the fanfic Dark by the beautiful Hannah


30. Chapter 30

*Harry's POV*

I felt someone stir in my arms. I opened my eyes and Bo was cuddled up to me with my arms wrapped around her. We lay under the duvet in bed holding each other close. It's been 2 weeks and Bo won't let me out of the house, we're running out of supplies fast; I'll have to go out soon. I looked over Bo at the digital clock on the counter. It was 6:30 in the morning, might as well get up.

I kissed Bo's cheek and sneaked out of bed. I went into the kitchen to see if there was any food. There was a single cereal box in the cupboard. I picked it up and shoved my hand inside it, pulling out a few froot loops. I walked upstairs and looked out the window in the first room I entered. I chomped on the cereal in my mouth and stared at the sunrise. The clouds had a golden lining around them and the suns rays stuck out from behind them. The sky was pink, with a hint of orange in them. On the other side of the street the sky was a light blue with purple in some parts, you could still see the moon slightly but it was slowly fading. One side reminded me of happiness and innocence, while the other was dark and mysterious, holding secrets and mysteries. 

"It's beautiful, isn't it?" I heard a female voice behind me.

I turned around and saw Bo standing behind me, looking out the window. I could see the slight bulge in her stomach as she wore a loose sweater. Bo walked closer to me as I wrapped my arm around her waist, tickling her hip as we stood looking at the scenery through the glass. We stayed there in a comfortable silence as we admired the view.

"What are you doing up so early? You usually sleep in till like 10." I stated.

"I felt you get out of bed." She replied.

"Oh, sorry I woke you up." I apologised.

"It's fine." 

I mentally thanked The Lord for not making her grouchy whilst being pregnant. I don't know how I'd survive with an angry girlfriend 24/7. I figured I should expect the worse as she gets further into her pregnancy. I should cherish the time I have left with a calm partner.

"Bo." I said nervously.

"Yeah?" She answered, leaning her head on my shoulder.

"I think we should leave soon." I said.

I felt Bo sigh and push some hair behind her ear. She said nothing.

"We need to follow those people before they leave for good. And we have to go before your further along in your pregnancy. If we don't go and you go into labour then we're in big trouble." I explained.

"Harry, I'm only a month and a bit. We have plenty of time to find other people." She argued.

"Bo I'm not going to start a fight with you, sooner or later we're going to have to go. Whether you like it or not, we have to go." I replied.

Bo sighed once again and rubbed her eyes. 

"Fine." She huffed.

I smiled and kissed the top of her head. I could sense the annoyance in her body language, but I knew what we were doing was for the best.


"So when are we leaving?" Bo asked whilst placing a folded up sweater in her suitcase.

"We'll leave tomorrow morning, so we have a bit of time left here." I replied.

Bo nodded her head and turned back to her drawer. I rolled up my clothes and placed them into my suitcase, so there was more room for all of my clothes. Soon Bo's suitcase was completely full and she was having trouble closing it, though I still had a quarter of my case empty of clothes.

"How do you still have so much room?" Bo asked as she sat on the lid of her suitcase. 

"I rolled my clothes up, here I'll show you." I said, walking across to her.

I opened up her suitcase as she stood to the side. I pulled out her shirts and sweaters and rolled them up into a cylinder shape. I packed them together in the corner of her case and did the same thing for her pants and shorts. Bo picked up a pair of short shorts and sighed, dropping them onto the bed again.

"Soon I won't be able to wear those." She sighed.

I looked at her as she stared at all her clothes miserably. I kissed her on the cheek and placed a pair of jeans into the suitcase.

"To me, it doesn't matter what you wear. You'll always look perfect to me." I smiled.

Bo blushed and grinned slightly. She looked down at her hands and played with the sleeves of her light pink sweater.

"Are you going to wear that tomorrow?" I asked, nodding to her outfit she wore.

Bo looked down at her pink, fluffy sweater and black track pants. 

"Yeah, it's comfy and we could be driving for a while." She replied.

I nodded and stood back from the bed.

"I think you can handle this now, can you?" I asked.

I'd packed everything except for her socks, underwear and bras. I felt a bit weird packing them. Bo laughed and put them in there herself while I watched on. 

"I'm actually kind of excited about leaving now." She exclaimed.

She closed the lid to her suitcase and turned around to face me. I put my hands on her hips and looked at her face. She looked happy and excited but I could see a glint of worry in her eyes. 

"You don't have to lie to me, you know that right?" I said.

Bo nodded her head and looked down, she was hiding something. I bent my knees and leant back so I could see her face. I tilted my head sideways and looked at her face.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

Bo looked back up and sat on the bed next to her suitcase. I got down on my knees and kneeled between her legs as she sat on the mattress. I placed my hands on her thighs and looked her in the eyes.

"I've been having bad dreams." She said quietly.

"What kind of dreams?" I continued.

"The same dream, it was scary. There was this man who was scary, he was going to hurt me. I ran away from him, I was running forever and I could hear your voice calling me. I was screaming out to you but you couldn't hear me. I saw you looking for me and I was standing right there screaming at you, but you didn't see me. The man came back and he grabbed my arms. I think he was going to kill me. At the very last minute I always wake up. I don't know whether it means something or not but it terrifies me, I feel like I'm reliving an old memory." She explained.

I nodded my head and furrowed my eyebrows. I wasn't very good with dreams, I didn't know whether they meant something or not.

"Do you think it means something?" I asked.

She shrugged and grabbed my hands, entwining our fingers together.

"I hope not. If it is then I have no clue what will happen, and I don't want to find out." She replied.

I nodded and looked down at our entwined fingers.

"Don't worry about it, it's probably just a normal nightmare. If you have it again wake me up, ok?" I said.

Bo nodded her head in reply.

"Good." I said.

I looked at her stomach and saw a slight little bulge through her sweater. I smiled and placed one of my large hands on it. Bo looked down at my hand and smiled.

"I can't wait to meet you." I whispered, letting the you go on for a bit longer then usual.

I heard Bo giggle which vibrated through her stomach onto my hand. I laughed and looked up at my girlfriend, her blue orbs sparkled at me and lit up my face. I loved her. I was soon distracted by the lack of light in the room, it was slowly getting darker and I hadn't checked on the doors and windows yet. I glanced over at the clock and it read 7:32pm. 

"I have to check on some things." I said getting off the ground.

Bo nodded her head and got off the bed. She turned to her suitcase and attempted to pick it up and put it on the ground. It was obvious that she was struggling with it, it was incredibly heavy. That couldn't be good for the baby.

"Here I'll get that." I said, picking up the case with ease.

Bo stood back and watched me put it on the couch on the other side of the room. I put my suitcase next to it and left them there for tomorrow. Bo quietly thanked me and went upstairs to do something. I went to every door and window in the house and made sure it was secure and safe; everything was fine and in order. I walked upstairs and searched the top floor for Bo. She was sat on the bed in the girls room drawing in her book. I quietly walked over to her and looked at her latest drawing. There was a tall boy holding a small, fragile baby. The way he held it was like it could disappear at any minute. It was wrapped in blankets as it looked up at the teenager. The boy had dark, curly hair that flopped over his forehead as he looked down at the infant. Looking at their frame and hair I instantly knew who it was.

"That's me." I said.

Bo looked up at me and blushed.

"Yeah." She said quietly.

She flopped the front cover over so it would close but I quickly stopped it just before it closed on the page.

"No no no, I want to look at it." I said quickly. 

Bo mumbled something as I picked it up and held it closer to me. I observed the artwork and smiled. 

"You get better every time." I said, looking down at Bo who was staring up at me.

She made a little noise and looked down at her pencil. I knew she didn't like me looking at her drawings but they were too good not to see. I put the book back down in front of her and put my hand on her shoulder. I kissed the top of her head and grabbed her hand.

"Come on, we have to go to bed." I said.

Bo nodded her head and got up. I wrapped my arm around her waist and walked her downstairs. We laid down on the bed and looked at each other for a while, not saying anything. I pulled her sweater up so it bunched up underneath her chest and ran my fingertips over her stomach. I couldn't get enough of my baby. 

"You're just a small bump unborn, in four months you're brought to life.
Might be left with my hair, but you'll have your mothers eyes." I sang quietly.

Bo looked at me and smiled.

"We have more than four months till their born." She said.

"Shhhhhh, don't ruin the moment." I said, putting my index finger on her lips.

Bo laughed and nodded her head. We laid down properly in the bed under the covers and dozed off to sleep. We had a big day ahead of us tomorrow.


Authors note: 
Hey guys sorry I haven't updated for a while, I've had writers block and I've had tonnes of homework. I hope you's understand, schools a pain. I'll try updating as much as possible and try and update weekly but I'm not making any promises. I'll do my best for you guys though.

Hope you're all enjoying safehouse and don't forget to comment, favorite and like! 

Love you all, stay fabulous!

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