Safehouse- A Harry Styles fanfiction

Bo Grace Ellis was your average teenager. Hanging out with friends, complaining about homework and school. But that all changed when she woke up on a deserted street surrounded with flesh eating creatures. She was lost and confused, until a tall, dark curly haired boy named Harry Styles saved her.

Deep down Bo knew she had feelings for this boy. But did he feel the same? Of course not. A tall blonde girl named Taylor swift might have something to do with that.

Will Bo find her family? Will her and Harry get a chance at love? But most of all, would they make it out of this apocalypse alive?

(Some of these characters are from the fanfic Dark by the beautiful Hannah


28. Chapter 28





I couldn't believe my eyes. I blinked over and over again, hoping to have gotten myself mixed up. But it looked so much like Harry, Harry was dead.

My limbs went numb, tears flowed uncontrollably down my cheeks. I couldn't speak, I couldn't breathe, everything just stopped. I dropped to the floor, unable to support myself on my legs. I held my head in my hands, sobbing into them. I screamed and cried and did anything I could to try and let out my sadness. I felt an ache in my heart, Harry, the love of my life, the father of my child, my saviour, was gone. 

I couldn't do anything, I couldn't move, my whole body shut down. I tried to speak, but it came out in chokes. I needed air desperately, my throat was incredibly dry. I gripped handfuls of my hair and took deep breaths. I tried to calm myself down, but every time I tried I just hyperventilated all over again. 

I managed to get up and stagger onto the bed. I flopped down and screamed into the pillow, gripping the sheets and holding them tight. They smelt like Harry. I didn't know I had that many tears in me, my pillow had a large wet spot on it from my tears. I held Harry's pillow and smelt his comforting scent, hoping it would relieve me of some grief. It didn't work, the tears came twice as fast, so did the screams. I knew all my screaming and crying would bring attention to myself, but I didn't care, I didn't care if the zombies got to me, I wanted Harry. And if that was a way to get to him, then so be it. 

I wrapped myself up in the blankets in a cocoon and cried for as long as my body would let me. After 3 hours of grieving and tears I managed to stop crying. My face was hot and wet from tears, my stomach hurt from the baby, my throat felt like it was on fire and my lungs felt tight from everything. I managed to speak a tiny bit, but there was only one thing I could say. Only one thing was on my mind.

"Harry..." I whispered.

I squeezed my eyes shut and pinched my arm, hoping this was all just a very bad dream. But when I opened my eyes I was still laying on the bed, all alone. I unwrapped myself and looked out the windows, he was gone. I hoped and prayed that I just got myself mixed up and my mind was playing tricks on me, but something in the back of my mind told me that wasn't the case. 

I walked across the room to the draws where our clothes were. I took my clothes off and threw them on the ground carelessly. I stripped down to my underclothes and looked at myself in the mirror. I scanned my whole body, remembering every place Harry's touch had been, where every kiss he placed was. 

I looked at my slightly bulging stomach where our child was. I placed my hands around the bump, feeling the life inside me. That baby had a part of Harry in them. That child had to grow up without their father. That child was something we created, together. 

I opened Harry's side of the drawers and pulled out one of his shirts. I didn't care what one it was, at least his was his. I pulled out a plain grey t-shirt and a pair of my own sweatpants. I slipped them on and left the drawers open. I didn't care about the mess I left on the floor, I didn't care about anything right now. I walked around the house for a while and stared at the floor. I walked upstairs and went into the girls room where I had been sleeping before, everything was the same. I walked down the hallway to the boys room. When I opened the door I hoped to see Harry sitting on the bed so I could go into his arms in a warm embrace, but that didn't happen.

I entered the room and it felt cold and lonely. I walked over to the bed and laid down, looking at my surroundings. I looked behind me and leaning against the wall was the guitar. I guess you could say it was Harry's guitar now, there was barely a day that went by where he didn't strum a chord or two. A tear rolled down my cheek as I remembered when he used to sing for me and play songs for me. He was the most talented person I knew. His voice was so angelic and his guitar skills were amazing. 

I closed my eyes before jolting up off the bed and a frightened gasp escaped my lips. The image of Harry's infected body coming to mind. I held my head in my palms again and cried at the image of my deceased lover.

I walked back downstairs and slipped back into bed. I put pillows on Harry's side of the bed underneath the duvet so it looked like he was laying there with me. I kept his shirt on, still smelling his scent in the fabric. I squeezed my eyes closed and tried to get the image that haunted me out of my head. The image of Harry walking the streets infected. I still couldn't believe it. I managed to take my mind off of it and onto more happier things. I imagined being safe and cuddled up with Harry, feeling like noting could hurt me. I remembered when we first told each other we loved each other. Harry's thoughtfulness came to mind. When he was talking about being excited to be a dad. All the little things brought comfort to me. It felt like he was right here, but he wasn't...

Authors note: 
Hey everyone! I'm sorry this chapter was short and for the disappointing news. Even though it seems bad it will get better, trust me. Please don't stop reading now that Harry's gone! I have something planned for you's! Don't worry, it's all under control. I think you guys will like the next few chapters, I have a lot planned. 

And to make you's feel a bit better, this might not be the end of Harry Edward Styles...


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